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Hello and welcome to Miss Griffin’s class page! This year is shaping up to be great and I can’t wait to spend a new year learning with all of you! Happy blogging!

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Coach’s eye /

Yesterday in PE we were practicing our balances. We used the Coach’s eye app to self and peer assess the balances- some groups even worked on how symmetrical they were!

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Readathon at HCPS /

Readathon will be taking place from 23rd January until World Book Day on 2nd March 2017.

Please support our amazing children.

For more information visit the website. www.readathon.org

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Social Class Debate /

Throughout this week we have been investigating different social class statements  and facts, deciding whether we agree with them and supporting our answers. Today we have used our debating skills to argue as to which social class should have had priority to board the lifeboats.

All children have been treated as different classes this week in order to really empathise with the people who were on board The Titanic.

Are there any further opinions you wish to put forward Class 12?


IMG_1422 IMG_1423 IMG_1424 IMG_1425 IMG_1426 IMG_1427 IMG_1428 IMG_1429 IMG_1430 IMG_1431 IMG_1432 IMG_1433

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Super Science! /

Thank you for all of your great efforts this week, it has been lovely to share your findings with your parents.

What have you learnt?

What was your favourite investigation?

Have a nice weekend!img_0954 img_2291 img_2292 img_2293 img_2294 img_2295 img_2296 img_2297 img_2298 img_2299 img_2305 img_2306 img_2308 img_2309 img_2313 img_2340 img_2346 img_2347 img_2353 img_2362 img_2364

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Fijian fiasco! /

Today Class 12 came in to read worldwide headlines stating that Fiji was on an tsunami alert due to an earthquake. It had a magnitude of 6.9 and has struck south of Fiji in the Pacific Ocean. A tsunamiscreenshot_20170105-091602 screenshot_20170105-091816 img_0999 img_0998 img_0996 img_0995 img_0994 img_0986 img_0987 img_0989 img_0991 img_0992 img_0993 img_0985 img_0984 img_0983 img_0982 img_0981 img_0980 img_0979 img_0978 img_0977 img_0975 img_0974 img_0973 img_0967 img_0968 img_0969 img_0970 img_0971 img_0972 img_0966 img_0965 img_0964 img_0963 threat message was issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre after the quake hit. “Hazardous tsunami waves from this earthquake are possible within 300km of the epicentre along the coasts of Fiji,” it said.

We have spoken to Mr Tallant (who is in Fiji) he has reported that although highly populated areas have been evacuated, everyone seems to be ok and no tsunami has hit, although there is heavy flooding on some roads due to the rain.

He asked us to investigate how things actually float, therefore we have investigated why today.


Why do certain objects float and certain objects sink Class 12?

What else have you learnt today?

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What an eggcellent day! /

Today we have been looking at how air resistance and gravity affect an object.

Mr Tallant has desperately requested our help from Fiji- he needed to know the best materials to help him land safely if an air disaster occurred with him on board a plane. (He has been sending us updates on the potential tsunami that may await him.)

We designed and investigated which material would best protect Mr Tallant using an egg to represent his body.


What did we discover class 12?

Were there any anomalies or were your predictions correct?

img_0852 img_0853 img_0855 img_0857 img_0858 img_0859 img_0867 img_0868 img_0901 img_0935 img_0941 img_0946 img_0947 img_0948 img_0949 img_0950

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