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Prince William Award /

On Thursday, class 9 were lucky enough to participate in the Prince William taster session. The session was all about team work and people skills. Class 9 thoroughly enjoyed the activities and were very reflective afterwards.

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Multiple and factor chain /

Who can make the longest factor and multiple chain? Remember a multiple is a number in the times table and a factor is a number which is multiplied together to make the multiple. e.g. 12 is a multiple of 6 because 12 is in the 6 times table. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 12 are factors of 12 because they multiply together to make 12.


Can you beat the class target of 22? 2 house points for those that can beat the score =) Good luck.

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Readathon at HCPS /

Readathon will be taking place from 23rd January until World Book Day on 2nd March 2017.

Please support our amazing children.

For more information visit the website. www.readathon.org

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VE Day Party /

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    • 11 January, 2017
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Yesterday was VE Day for year 3/4. We went back in time to WW2 to start our topic. The children had no idea and the room was buzzing. The 1940’s playlist was playing loud  and the children were immersed in the spirit of the 1945 celebrations. Children were then taken further back in time with the alarm of a siren, where they had to find cover in the air raid shelter. Children experienced what it was like as a child in WW2 and began to understand why children were evacuated. It was really a fantastic experience and one that has really hooked and excited Yr3/4 children into the topic of WW2.


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Class 9 performance! /

Class 9 were absolutely amazing during their whole school performance. I’m extremely proud of everyone, you smashed it, well done! Molly M also represented class 9 and did us proud with her fantastic violin performance. 

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