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Do we really mean hate? /

We discussed the word ‘hate’ and how we often say this when we mean ‘I don’t like.’
Do we really hate? Why should we be more tolerant of each other?
What are your opinions on hate and intolerance?

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A woman who made a difference! /

A friend of Jo Cox said that it was upto “all of us – to carry on Jo’s work: to combat and guard against hatred, intolerance and injustice and to serve others with dignity and love. That is the best way we can remember Jo and all she stood for.” 

We will be looking at some of the things Jo did after the holidays. 

Please look at the Jo Cox Foundation website and see for yourself what an amazing lady she really was.

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Y6 Show Preparation gets underway! /

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    • 17 May, 2017
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This week the Y6’s have been hard at work developing their Thornbridge writing piece and they’ve particularly impressed Mr Hastey and I with their resilience and efforts. This afternoon they earned themselves a bit of a treat so we put our literacy books away and replaced them with song lyrics! If you haven’t already found out, this years Y6 summer show will be based on the Disney film: Mary Poppins. I think you’ll all agree with me in saying that these guys are sounding great considering we’ve only spent two sessions looking at the songs!

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SATs Revision Timetable /

We have now handed out our SATs revision timetable this morning-it was a little bit scary when we realised there are only around 5 school weeks now left to revise! We have all worked extremely hard up to this point and I’m sure this is continuing at home from the fantastic results we have had this term! Here are a list of useful websites that may also aid your revision at home.








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DT Build IT Days /

We’ve had some great fun over the last few days all linked to our topic….designing circuits for the Titanic’s lookout tower, building propellers to power our ship and testing materials to see which would work best for the Titanic’s bulkheads!

IMG_2059 IMG_2060 IMG_2061 IMG_2062 IMG_2063 IMG_2210 IMG_2211 IMG_2217 IMG_2227 IMG_2230 IMG_2241 IMG_2245

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Miss Redders Vs Class 11 /

I have recently decided that I think the school day should be extended until 5pm to allow for extra learning time. As you can imagine Class 11 were appalled by the idea. However, I have already drafted my argument to Mr Banham that I think he will find quite convincing. It’s now up to Class 11 to see if they can persuade him otherwise using the skills we have looked at recently in literacy….


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Readathon at HCPS /

Readathon will be taking place from 23rd January until World Book Day on 2nd March 2017.

Please support our amazing children.

For more information visit the website. www.readathon.org

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