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Welcome to Mr Hastey’s class. In our class we try hard to be kind to each other and we always try to do our best work every day.

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KS2 Sports Day – 2017 /

Another excellent KS2 Sports Day was held at Dorothy Hyman Stadium on Tuesday.  There was a brilliant atmosphere and huge efforts from all pupils. What did you enjoy?


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Y6 Writing. /

Our year 6 pupils are currently working on a final writing piece to go in their portfolios in contribution to their end of year assessment. It has them drawing upon their experiences from Thornbridge Outdoors. 

What skills have you been applying thia piece?

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Zero Tolerance of Intolerance /

Helen Keller, a teacher and political activist, spent most of her life fighting against injustice and intolerance. She felt that the only way intolerance could be prevented was through education. This term we have looked at intolerance on our doorstep and also intolerance around the world. When Helen Keller said ‘The highest result of education is tolerance’ was she right?

What have you learnt during this term? How will you use these lessons in your future?

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What did you think about Bana’s story? /

Last week you heard about the struggles of Bana Alabed and her family when they were living in war torn Aleppo. We were relieved to hear how they eventually escaped Syria and found safety in Turkey.

What did you think about her struggle to live in Aleppo? Will she eventually get her wish and everyone will live in peace?

This week we used Newsround to find out about the terrible events that occurred in London on Wednesday. How has this made you feel? What can we do to make a more tolerant society?

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Equality vs Equity /

How did you feel when the chocolates were shared between each table during the lesson?

Why was it not fair at the start? Was it fair when they were shared equally?

Equity and equality are two strategies we can use in an effort to produce fairness.

Equity is giving everyone what they need to be successful. Equality is treating everyone the same. Equality aims to promote fairness, but it can only work if everyone starts from the same place and needs the same help.

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Extreme intolerance on our doorstep! /

This week we have looked at the life of Jo Cox, MP for Batley in West Yorkshire. A woman described as ‘a credit to herself, her community, and her country in the work she performed for Oxfam and other organisations, devoting herself to seeking to better the lot of those less fortunate than her.’
Due to her personal beliefs and values she lost her life striving to do good for others.

What have you learned from this terrible crime and how does this make you feel?
Please look at the amazing work that the Jo Cox Foundation now does to fight intolerance and thus supporting the less fortunate in our communities and the wider world.

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