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Minibeast hunting in micro-habitats /

image image image imageLast week we went in the wooded areas around the playground and into the decking area near the pond. We were looking for Minibeasts!

We discussed the different areas that Minibeasts like to live and why.  After thinking about the rules we need to remember on our search for bugs we set off ‘to the wilderness’ armed with a Petri dish and a pooter-a special tool to ‘suck up’ the bugs!

We found a rage of creepy crawlies including spiders, beetles and earwigs.  We then went back to class to record our findings and discuss the differences between the various micro habitats that we saw.


ps sorry for late blog post class 5, my iPad wouldn’t upload the photos!




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Year 2 Parent Maths Morning /

WHat a brilliant  turn out for our y2 maths morning  thank you so much for coming  we’re not sure who enjoyed it the most, pupils, staff or parents!  Sorry if the photos appear upside down  they won’t turn around!  IMG_4100 IMG_4102

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Yorkshire Wilife Park! Here we come! /

This Thursday is our trip to the Wildlife Park. Have a look at their website. What animals might we see?  Which are your favourites?  What information can you find out before we go?  Find out about the keeper talks and feeding sessions. Which would you like to go to?  Blog your questions too so we can make sure we remember to find out.

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Random acts of kindness.  /

This week I will be looking for random acts of kindness.  We had a circle time this morning to discuss what it means to be a good friend. We decided that we were all going to try and carry out lots of acts of kindness this week.

What have you done at home or at school is week that was a random act of kindness?

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Planning our fantasy stories  /

Today we have been planning out our fantasy stories. Last week we wrote some fantastic settings and dragon descriptions so are putting these to good use!

We first created a story mountain …

Then filled in our story on the story  board planning sheet. 

I am really looking forward to reading your stories next week. What can you tell me about your stories to make me excited to read them?

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Year 2’s trip to Wentworth Woodhouse and Wentworth Village. /

Today we visited Wentworth. We walked around the village and then had a tour of Wentworth Woodhouse  we were shown around by two very knowledgeable ladies who give up their time for free. It was a lovely day (despite the rain!) and we learnt lots. What did you enjoy most?  What would you tell someone else about our visit?  IMG_3095IMG_3116IMG_3087 IMG_3093


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Preparing for our trip! /


We will soon be going on our trip to Wentworth Woodhouse. What can you find out about it?  When was it built?  Who has lived there?  What other facts can you discover?  What questions do you want to ask when we visit?  Blog your comments and questions for us all to see!

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