Romeo and Juliet

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Wow!!!! What an amazing night!!! First of all we would like to say how proud we are of every single member of the cast of Romeo and Juliet tonight. You truly did save the best until last. The audience were mesmerised by your performance and the members of the Youth Theatre were amazed!

As promised here are a few of the comments from the adjudicator at the end of the evening:
Every member of the cast dealt with the dialogue extremely well and the timing was brilliant.
Romeo and Juliet – the emotion you displayed was fantastic, you delivered your longer speeches with confidence and the relationship you had with each other was beautiful.
Friar Lawrence – you dealt with the longer speeches well and drew the audience in. The adjudicator really enjoyed watching you!
Nurse – your relationship with Juliet was lovely. The adjudicator loved the scene where you discover Juliet in her chamber after she has taken the poison from Friar Lawrence.
Benvolio – you were a great friend to Romeo and you delivered your speeches with good timing and clear phrasing.
Mercutio – you brought comedy to the play!
Lord and Lady Montague – it was clear that you cared for Romeo and you built the feud between the families with intensity throughout the play.
Lord and Lady Capulet – you worked well with the Montagues to build the feud. You had a clear air of authority and you had a lovely relationship with Juliet.
Tybalt – your dislike of the Montagues was clear and you delivered your lines with clarity and attitude!
Prince – you delivered your speeches clearly with an air of authority which supported your position.
Paris – you portrayed enthusiasm where required but the soft notes used as you entered Juliet’s tomb were truly moving.
Sampson, Abraham, Gregory, Balthasar – you were loyal to your masters and helped to build tension throughout the play.
Apothecary – you delivered your lines clearly and with confidence.
Chorus – you set the tone for the play and introduced the performance with confidence.

All other members of the cast did a fantastic job. A huge thank to all the backstage helpers. The play wouldn’t have happened without you!

We hope you all enjoyed every minute! Have a well earned rest this weekend. Thank you for all your hard work it has been a pleasure to work with you all since September.

Mr Rob, Mrs Rob, Miss Hayward and Miss Hayward Junior

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This weeks Brain Booster

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For this week’s Brain Booster task we would like you to talk your parents and grandparents about how things have changed since they were little.

What inventions have they seen coming into the world and have they made things easier? What questions will you ask?

We are looking forward to seeing what you find out and how you have presented your work.


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