Monday’s Maths Mastery – Week 3

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Code Breaker!

A code is a way of writing a message in secret. One way of doing this is by replacing each letter of the alphabet  with a number. To send a secret message all the sender and receiver need is a ‘De-coder’.




Work out what the code below says by using the decoder.


Try making your own codes using this de-coder OR maybe even create your own de-coder using different numbers to represent the letters.

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A message from David!

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Hi Y2

Sorry its taken me a while to get back in touch with you, but the internet out here isn’t very reliable.  I’ve sent you a link to follow that will show you where I am at the minute.  Have a good look at it, see if you can describe what you see, don’t forget to use proper geographical words in your description! If you write your descriptions on the blog I’ll have a look at them next time I log on.


Camel Market in Cairo

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Fantastic attendance for the first 2 weeks…

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I cannot believe we are already into the 3rd week of school, this term is flying by! Must be all the amazing learning taking place. Attendance this year has been fantastic, the current attendance figure is 98%, so a big thank you for your efforts so far.

Good attendance is absolutely key to children making great progress, so lets try and keep attendance as high as possible for all children throughout the year. Even just a day per half term off during a pupils time at primary and secondary school would add up to over a whole term missed during their education.

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