Children in Need

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Tomorrow is Children in Need day.  We have been busy raising money already.  Check out this amazing poster to advertise the day – lots of  hard work went into creating it.  Very well done!

Y5 and 6 pupils have also been taking part in a sponsored ‘Tallest Tower Challenge’.  The designs were fantastic and we had great fun building.  There were lots of comedy moments, too!



image image





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Flying the flag.

By 6

Great news year 2. I’m actually going to visit the official North Pole!  When explorers visit a new place they usually take a flag with them to mark their visit. I don’t have a flag but do you think you could design one for me?

These kind of flags are usually very special and they usually have some kind of special meaning. Do you know what the flag of the UK is called?  I’ve emailed you some pictures of flags to give you some ideas.

What will you flag be like?  How will it be personal to you?

This flag was designed for the Queens River Pageant. It has a crown for the Queen and the wiggly lines at the bottom are the River Thames.

This flag is special to Mrs Harrison’s daughter Lucy. It was designed for her 2nd birthday by her Grandma and Grandad for the flag pole on her Wendy House. They chose flowers because Lucy liked flowers and a bird just like the one on her favourite TV programme. Lucy is 22 years old now but she still keeps her flag because it is special to her.
Have a look at the flags we designed and made. We used felt tips, collage and sewing to create them. What do you think?
How is your flag special to you?




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Standing on…

By 14

view from Centralen. Oscar II land. Spitsbergen. Svalbard in Svalbard

We spent some time thinking about what we could see, hear, feel and smell as we stood on the top of this mountain. We wrote descriptions using the words we collected. This was our class description-

Standing on the peak of the rocky mountains I can feel the fast flowing wind whistling past my ears. In the distance I can see the vicious polar bears hunting for their food. The frozen lake is glittering in the silver moonlight.


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