Container painting (it might not be quite what you were expecting!)

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Container painting? My first thoughts were containers for storing pencils, scissors maybe even plant pot holders. I was very wrong!
We have been given the task of cheering up the metal storage container that Foundation Stage use to store their outdoor equipment. A bit bigger than the containers I was expecting!
Today has been creating our designs day. We have to create four 1 metre square pieces of artwork based on the theme ‘the elements’. Keep a look out for more posts as our work progresses.



How do you like our finished art work?





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Ready Steady Cook!

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As part of Arts Week we have been getting busy using our cookery skills to create some tasty treats! So far we have managed rainbow buns, sunshine biscuits, and rock cakes. We have also shaped and painted some salt dough to make creations that fit with our four elements theme.

Our tasty treats will be available to sample on Friday at the schools art exhibit so we will look forward to seeing you all then!







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Arts week kicks off…..

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This week in school is arts week! I am sure many of you know by now every year in school we have a week that is dedicated to the arts, music and drama. We have many different activities going on this week, do ask your children what they have been doing today….

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To be or not to be… Hamlet?

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Today we have started to workshop the opening scene from Hamlet. We have looked at the themes that run through the play and have decided how we want to present it to an audience.




In groups we looked at the dialogue, thought about the atmosphere and tried to create a realistic representation of the ghost appearing on the battlements at Elsinore Castle.

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