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I was asked to search for pupils showing resilience as my challenge today.

I saw y6 pupils showing resilience in their rehearsals for the end of year show.


I also saw a small group of y3/4 pupils showing clear resilience in their reading group session with Mr Hackney.


Well done everyone!

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Using creativity to build resilience!

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Early Years Consultant Julie Smith is delivering ‘Barefoot and Brains’ training from the Children’s Centre today, with practitioners from Early Years settings across the borough attending.

Julie has been ‘creative’ to ensure her training is interactive.

Barefoot and brains 001

Barefoot and brains 002

Practitioners are learning how to support young children to become physically ‘resilient’ by proving them with Barefoot experiences.

Barefoot and brains 004

Barefoot and brains 006

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My mission was to find evidence of perseverance.
I found this in Y2 Mrs Paddocks class.
The children were using maths to solve problems involving sharing. What enticed me into the classroom was seeing the children all listening intently to each other.


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We found reflection outside on the field with children reflecting on activities they could carry out for sports day!

We also found reflection on the corridor with 2 girls who looked like a reflection of each other with the same beautiful hair.


From this we would steal excellent team work and smiling and helpfulness.

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