Latest developments in the Murder Mystery…

By 13

This afternoon we have been taking another look at the evidence that we collected from the crime scene on the decking. After compiling the evidence we spent some time discussing what we believed may have happened and how the murder might have unfolded… From this, we began to create our suspect list, using the evidence to guide our investigation.

We have come up with our final line-up, some of us believe that these suspects may have acted alone, others believe they worked as part of a team, but the question is, what do you think?!

Who do you think looks the most likely to have committed the crime?

Mr Tallant?


Miss Griffin?


Mr Hastey Junior?


Mr Hackney?


Miss Davies?


Some people believe that the murderers might have worked in a team, what do you think about how these teams look?






Who do you think committed the murder? Why do you think it was them? Will the Y5/6 team ever get to the bottom of this mystery?!


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Super Hero Potions

By 1

Today has been a busy day outside, we have been investigating different fruits and herbs to make our own super hero potions. We have explored cutting skills, tasting and mixing to make our own potions and then wrote labels for our potions!  


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What’s inside the box?

By 5

Today we received an exciting package from Hans the traveller! It was filled with artefacts from the country he sent the balloon from. After much discussion, we decided that the balloon MUST have come from Egypt! We are going to continue our research so we have evidence to tell Hans WHY we think that…



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