It’s time to strike!

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Today Y3 went on strike for 1 hour hoping their actions would alert Mr Fallon and the rest of HCPS to the affects of single use plastic usage within school.

During this time, the children designed posters and placards which they used in a demonstration on the playground this afternoon.

The children received a letter from Mr Fallon expressing his views on this situation. Over the next few weeks the children will be preparing their response.

Please ask the Y3 children about their experiences and what they hope to achieve within school.

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Should under 16s be allowed their own smartphone?

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Here are some of our thoughts…

Freya – No because strangers could contact you on the internet.

Parneet – No because they are too young to look after it and it could get stolen.

Liam – No because it could put in danger.

Katie – Yes but only over 12s as they might want to play games on their phone.

Jessica – Yes because you might need to phone your parents in an emergency.

Ashleigh – No because people could look at things without your permission.

Zak – Yes so that you can phone your parents when you are lost.

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