Something Else

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On World Book Day our mystery book was ‘Something Else’.

Something Else (the name of main character) is excluded from everything because he looks different. He does not play the same games, eat the same food or draw the same pictures.

Then one day Something turns up and wants to be friends. However, Something Else does not want to be friends with this creature as he believes that they are notthe same and he refuses to eat sandwiches with ‘Urgy stuff’ in them. He sends Something away and then suddenly realises that he acts like all the other people who always sent him away.

Eventually Something Else and Something become best friends.

We used this story as a stimulus for the question ‘what makes us unique’. We created a mind map about all our differences.


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We then created our own unique characters for our classroom door and created this amazing display. We also added a Qr code for a video that we created linking to diversity and being unique







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