We are a Community school for 4-11 year olds, in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

At Hoyland Common Primary School our vision is to develop confident, happy, self-motivated learners who enjoy learning and see it as a life long adventure. We strive to be an organisation that facilitates the learning of all its members. As an outstanding school, HCPS converted to a single academy in October 2013. A Multi-Academy-Trust (MAT) conversion consultation was completed in Spring 2016, and the MAT is currently in discussion with a number of schools to lead on the implementation and development Hoyland Common Academy Trust (HCAT) at both primary and secondary level. Please click here for further information.

Aims for Pupils

Hoyland Common Primary School promotes high achievement and learning for life by working with children to:

  • Develop a caring attitude with self esteem – respecting themselves, others and their environment
  • Develop enquiring minds and a spirit of curiosity
  • Achieve the highest standards possible in all areas of the curriculum regardless of age, sex, creed, needs and ability
  • Be able to work independently and collaboratively
  • Develop values such as communication, commitment and relationships based on mutual respect
  • Develop an effective home/school partnership

What parents say:

“Hoyland Common School has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere.”

“It’s a very caring, forward thinking and modern school.”

“Hoyland Common School is a very happy, safe school. We are extremely pleased with our child’s progress.”


Our curriculum is structured and clear; teachers are encouraged to be creative and innovative, enabling the curriculum to be adapted and enhanced to suit the needs of individual pupils and also respond to the needs of our school. Teaching of the foundation subjects is achieved through a thematic approach to ensure that learning is relevant and in context. Opportunities for learning outside of the classroom are essential and visits are used to enhance pupils’ learning of topics. Residential trips throughout KS2 allow pupils to learn in outdoor and adventurous contexts.

The curriculum also promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and supports them in developing principles for distinguishing between right and wrong. Pupils are encouraged to think creatively and critically and to respect others and the environment in which they live. The curriculum enables pupils to develop their physical skills and promotes their personal and social well-being.

We believe that the curriculum should stimulate enjoyment of, and commitment to learning as a means of encouraging the best possible progress and the highest attainment for all pupils, preparing them effectively for the next steps in their education.

The achievement of pupils is monitored by race, gender and disability and we use this data to support pupils, raise standards and ensure inclusive teaching. We tackle discrimination by the positive promotion of equality, challenging bullying and stereotypes and by creating an environment which champions respect for all. At HCPS, we believe that diversity is a strength, which should be respected and celebrated by all those who learn, teach and visit here.

If you wish to find out more about Hoyland Common Primary School or the curriculum we deliver please email Ruby O’Neill at office@hoylandcommonprimary.co.uk and we can put you in touch with our curriculum lead Miss Griffin, or should you wish to arrange a visit to school we can then put you in touch with Mr Tallant, Head of School.

Please note that the school uses photographs of pupils on this website in line with written permission arrangements from parents/carers. Paper copies of information on this website can be provided upon request.

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