Amazing KS2 SATs at HCPS

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Once again the year 6 pupils at Hoyland Common Primary School have excelled in their KS2 SATs. The children received their results on Monday and I can now share with you the overall levels.

In Reading 100% of children achieved the national expectation of level 4 and 69% of children attained above this with a level 5. In writing 94% of children attained a level 4 and 42% achieved a level 5. In Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 94% of children achieved a level 4, 71% a level 5 and 3 children (6%) also achieved a level 6! Which is a fantastic effort, bearing in mind less than 1% of children nationally got a level 6 in Grammar, punctuation and spelling last year. Finally in maths 98% of children achieved a level 4 and 67% of children achieved level 5. Amazingly 11 children, 23% of the year groups achieved a level 6 in maths, compared to nationally last year of less than 2% of children attained a level 6.

These results are a fantastic achievement for the children and the school and we are incredibly proud of them all. It just goes to show what can be done when such effort and hard work is put in!

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