FS2 Apples on 4 June, 2013

They are really good dragons. We really like how you have used tissue paper to colour your dragons. What did you use to make them? Will you let us come and visit your dragons when they are finished?

Mrs Harrison on 4 June, 2013

We would love you to come and see our finished dragons. We can tell you all about how we made them!

Mrs Robinson on 4 June, 2013

Wow! Well done Year 2. They look great. I think the different textures and patterns are really effective.

Joshua on 4 June, 2013

I enjoyed working with Agatha because we were a great team.

Mrs Harrison on 4 June, 2013

I thought you made a good team too Josh. You planned your model really carefully and chose lots of interesting materials to make different textures. What adjectives would you use to describe your dragon Josh?

Eva on 4 June, 2013

Me and Alina made a dragon called Barbie, it was a girl.. It was fun creating our dragon because we got to choose our partners and what the dragon is going to look like.

Mrs Harrison on 4 June, 2013

Eva what materials did you choose to create the different textures on your model?

Louise on 4 June, 2013

I have enjoyed reading all the blog comments about your dragons. Well done! On the photographs the dragons look very detailed and colourful. What an exciting week you are all having so far! I am looking forward to meeting you when you come to my dance lesson.

Mrs Harrison on 6 June, 2013

Thank you Louise. We are having a great time and we really enjoyed dance with you today.

imogen on 13 June, 2013

on the operning day i was in your class and when i was showing all your parents they thought they were amazing i wish i was as artistic as you lot.

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