Bangladeshi Food Tasting!

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Yesterday, we had a FANTASTIC day in Year 5! First of all in the morning, we had the chance to work with a local artist to stitch a design to represent the Human Rights Act – this will be put together to create a flag for the Fly the Flag campaign.

Then, in the afternoon we got the chance to taste a Bangladeshi curry and make our own chapatti’s. We worked in groups to measure the ingredients out accurately and make sure we follow the method properly (some of us found this difficult at first but we soon got the hang of it). Once our chapatti’s were ready, I cooked them while the children tasted the Bangladeshi curry I made the night before. They ate it that quickly that I didn’t even get the chance to take any photo’s!!

It’s fair to say that the curry was a hit with Class 12 and the chapatti’s didn’t quite turn out as planned. But many of them have asked for the curry recipe so they can cook it at home! So I’ve attached a link to the curry recipe along with a few pictures of the chapatti making process.


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Geography Week!

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This week is our whole school Geography Week, where each year group is researching a particular country which is taking part in the Cricket World Cup 2019.

During our assembly, each year group were given their chosen country for the week where we then began to discuss what they would like to find out about their countries. Some of us were interested in the lifestyle of people within this country, the language that they speak, the climate and some of us just wanted to know where the country is!

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC time researching your country and make sure you comment below what you have found out!


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Should humans alter genetics?

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This week in Comms Circle, we have been thinking about whether or not humans should alter genetics. In assembly, we discussed how this can be a positive thing to reduce the risk of diseases but we also considered how this could be unethical. We briefly began to look at the thought of designer babies and how breeds of dogs are frequently altered.

So, what are your thoughts? Should we interfere with nature and alter the genetics of living things?

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This morning Class 12 turned their hand to creating a laser labyrinth in order to protect top secret DNA! We used the skills that we had learnt about light travelling in straight lines and how light can reflect, in order to create a laser labyrinth with our teams.

Take a look at some of us in action – It was definitely harder than it looked at first!



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What is Physical Geography?

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Why do we make New Years Resolutions?

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This weeks question is “Why do we make New Years Resolutions?” We discussed in assembly the fact that people make them to set themselves a goal or a challenge for the year, however most of us will have already broken our New Years Resolution 1 week in!

So, this week we would like you to think about why should we set ourselves a resolution? What do we achieve from these? What new years resolutions have you already set yourself? Why do you think people struggle to stick to their new years resolutions?

Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!


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Christmas Maths

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Yesterday in Class 12 Maths, we were looking at the order in which we have to calculate the four operations using the BODMAS rule. After a little bit of practising, we had a go at decoding what Santa had left in a stocking.

Your challenge over Christmas is to attempt to create your own code for us to decode. Use the code that we used in class and if you use one of your presents you received for Christmas, we can then all have a go at decoding what your present was!

Post your calculations and answers below – Merry Christmas Class 12 Maths!


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Afternoon Art in Year 5…

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During topic this week we have been refining our art skills. In order for us to be able to paint the Bayeux Tapestry (I know, it’s a huge task!) we needed to control the brush strokes that we use. We then tested our skills by painting the templates which have very small detail. After our first attempt we then continued to practise on the same template, which become smaller each time.

I have to say Class 12, you were absolutely fantastic at this and every single one of you improved over the three attempts!


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So last Friday the Year 5 & 6 girls had the opportunity to visit Kirk Balk and take part in an all girls STEM day. They got the chance to work with female engineers, representatives from RAF and STEM ambassadors where they created some FANTASTIC aircrafts.

In Class 12 yesterday afternoon, the girls got the chance to share their models and fill the boys in on the skills they developed. They explained the technique they used to roll the newspaper, the different tools and machines they had to learn to use and the circuit that they created to ensure their aircraft had lights.

SHOUT OUT to Renee who did an AMAZING job at drawing the circuit they used and explaining in clear to detail how the circuit was constructed.

Take a look at the girls sharing their work with Class 12 boys…



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Should animals be treated the same as humans?

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So our community circles question this week was ‘Should animals be treated the same as humans?’

In out assembly we were all crammed to the front of the hall to experience the same treatment that some animals receive. During our class discussions, we were thinking about what rights humans have, which we struggled to understand.

My question for class 12 is: What are human rights and do you think animals should have the same rights?

Miss Eyre


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