How the other half lived…

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Today our emperors and gladiator slaves swapped roles to experience how the others lived. The emperors were served fresh, crusty bread and olives whilst they worked aswell as enjoying a few minutes extra play. The gladiator slaves served the food and had a go at making traditional Roman games with sticks and stones. Which role did you prefer and why? Can you find and share any further research on these groups of people from Roman times?












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Happy December Class 10! 🎄

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Happy 1st of December Class 10! Your Christmas calendar awaits you ready for Monday morning! 😊🎄
Each day, one of you will receive a surprise treat for all your hard work this term and for being the wonderful children you are! Along with this, you will recieve a slip with an act of Christmas kindness attached!
Christmas is a time for celebrating, having fun with our families and making memories but it is also a time to think about giving love and kindness to those around us. I wonder who the first three will be? What do you think your act of kindness will be? 😊 Can you think of acts of kindness that we could do for others at this time of year?


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Pumpkin Day!

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We have had such a great day in Class 10 today! This morning, parents and carers joined our class to support us in carving a pumpkin, then we completed our own pumpkin inspired artwork, made pumpkin soup and finished the day with our parents coming back in to class to see our work and taste the wonderful soup. A huge thank you to everyone who made it, it was a lovely atmosphere and great seeing the children having so much fun!

Which is your favourite pumpkin design and why?
(A big shout out to the two photographers in class today who set up a min studio too, you did a fab job!)

Have a fantastic half term everyone!

Mrs Bramall and Miss Lloyd 😊😊








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On Friday morning, to celebrate the end of our first half term together and all the hard work and effort you have put in over the last 8 weeks, we are holding our own ‘Class 10 Pumpkin Carving Contest!’
If you can, please bring in your own pumpkin Thursday or Friday morning and a pumpkin carving kit if you have one.
In preparation for the morning, please start looking for ideas for your design. We are focusing on developing skills in sketching a 3d design and ‘Gaining more confidence in carving as a form of 3D art.’


We can’t wait to see your designs!

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AMAZING artwork!

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We have been blown away by the fantastic artwork that Class 10 have produced during Arts Week! Here are some images of the skill building process. Thank you Miss Till 😊
Come back soon to see their finished pieces.

Which artist inspired your work?
Which skills have you developed and worked on throughout the week?










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Let the BLOGGING commence…

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As part of our current topic ‘Proud to be Yorkshire’, Year 4 are starting to build their own blog page for the local council. The aim of the blog is to increase tourism to the county and share with the world all that our amazing area has to offer. They will be designing and developing their own, individual blog pages to meet the needs of the campaign set by our local councillor.


Over the weekend, you were set the task of researching and looking at different blog pages on the internet to support the design process of building your own.
– What features do they have?
– Why do people blog as a way of communicating ideas?
– What do you think you may include in your blog?

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Photographers in the making…

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Year 4 have had a wonderful day visiting the beautiful, picturesque attraction of Langsett. As part of our topic focus, to raise the profile of Yorkshire attractions, class 10 developed their photography skills using the iPads in and around school. Today, they were able to put these skills into practise, and didn’t they do an AMAZING job! Here are a select few from the children… keep an eye out for details of our up and coming ‘Proud to be Yorkshire’ blogs to see more!













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What’s happening in Yorkshire?

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Yesterday afternoon, Year 4 received a visit from Councillor Andrews who broke the devastating news that the government are proposing to close several attractions across the Yorkshire region due to drops in tourism and funding. We looked at how this decision would affect different groups in our society including adults, children, businesses and the council.

Councillor Andrews needs our help… he want us, the young generation of Yorkshire, to reach out to the public and campaign to keep these attractions open in the future!

How do you think it would affect the groups that we discussed?
What ideas can you put forward to prevent this from happening?
What is the best way to campaign this message to the wider world?


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