Legio IX……… the results are in!

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Thank you for your suggestions.

The votes are in and have been counted and verified….!

Our legion name is ‘Legio IX Millerstrong’.

This was suggested by Sophie’s mum! Well done Mrs Bell and thank you for our amazing name. This one was gained 15 votes in total, closely followed by Mitchell’s interesting suggestion of ‘Hoylandius Victorious Common Juventus’ – this one scored 12 votes.

We are going to try and incorporate this into our shield design somehow. Keep your eyes peeled for our posts about beginning our shield making.

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Legio IX

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What an amazing week we have had in Class 9. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and hope you have too?!



We have made our prototype shield following on from our class vote.

This was Lydia’s design which we have all replicated and made a miniature version of in practice for next week.





We now need to come up with a name for our legion that we can use. (More information can be found on this page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Roman_legions where it explains more about the naming of the legions)

As we are class 9 we will start ours with ‘Legio IX’. Your homework task is to come up with a name for our legion. Answers can be written in the comments box or submitted on paper. We will choose one on Monday so get your thinking caps on (or should that be Galeas?)



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Should we all believe in a God?

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This afternoon’s question in COMMS circle assembly was ‘Shall we all believe in a God?’


We discussed the various Gods that are worshipped in different faiths around the world.


We then looked at some more unusual Gods that tribes and people believe in that are a little more unusual such as ‘Loki’ – a Norse trickster God.LOKI



So do YOU think that everyone should believe in a God – whether it be a person, animal or object?


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Gladiators and Emperors

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Today we started our brand new topic!

We were each asked to pick a ticket out of a box. On it was written either ‘Gladiator’ or ‘Emperor’.

Then we had to stay in role all morning!

Gladiators had to wash the Emperor’s hands then make wrist bands with long threads to hold on to by the other Gladiators.

The Emperors made themselves laurel headbands to wear. They were allowed extra playtime and got treats such as drinks and sweets!


We all had a great first morning back. Well done to everyone for getting involved and staying in character. Here’s to a great term.



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Merry Christmas Class 9

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First of all ‘THANK YOU’ so much for my gifts. Here they are under our class tree. They are now under my tree at home. I look forward to opening these on Christmas Day.

Please have a well earned rest and enjoy time with your family.

I look forward to another fabulous term together in 2019!

Mrs Miller x

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When you wish upon a star…

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On Tuesday Emily and Archie went on a very magical adventure. They got up extra early and put on some fantastic t shirts for their special day.

They boarded a train and to Newark. On the way they met some very special guests and had lots of treats too.



What an amazing day they had, they truly deserve it.







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Really proud of these two boys this morning!

Every year our school enters our local MP’s Christmas Card competition. She has judged all the entries from across the borough and we have 3 winners in our school – 2 from Class 9!

In the school competition Mitchell came 2nd overall and Sam 1st!

Across Barnsley Sam’s design was placed 3rd and will feature in Stephanie Peacock’s Christmas cards that get sent across the country and even to other MP’s in Westminster!


An absolutely fantastic achievement – you should be really proud of yourselves!




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