What an amazing day at the Lamproom Theatre!

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Our day at the Lamproom Theatre began with a photo shoot by the Barnsley Chronicle and an informative talk about the theatre from Ruth the theatre manager.

This was followed by a technical rehearsal with the theatre technicians, Gary and Callum. They both helped us no end with lights, sound and projection!

Around 11am we began a full dress rehearsal which was filmed for prosperity and also a little memento for the children and their families.

Around 1pm the doors opened and the audience arrived at the theatre and this included the Mayor of Barnsley, Education Director at BMBC and of course many excited parents.

I am sure everyone who attended will agree that the performance was amazing and the children showed how talented they really are. Who said children can’t perform Shakespeare and captivate an audience?

We would like to thank everyone for attending this afternoon and don’t forget to join us in 12 months time when we will do it all over again. How lucky are we?

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Performance Day

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After 9 months hard work the cast will finally perform their version of ‘The Tempest’ at The Lamproom Theatre at 1:30 this afternoon.

Their hard work, commitment and dedication has been amazing and I’m sure the 150 members of the audience will see this later today.

We will post further comments and photographs during the day so please leave a comment.

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Election Time

By 39

Today we completed this year’s SMSC project looking at British Values and specifically democracy. The children in Y5 held an open hustings where the 8 political parties were grilled before the votes were cast.

It was a heated debate in the school hall and tempers were flared as each party vied for recognition and support.

It was great to see the adult’s faces in the room as the candidates and fellow party members strongly expressed their opinions and fought for what they believe in.

It was definitely DEMOCRACY in action.

The results are in and posted around school. The Civic Party won a closely fought election by a simple majority of one. They also received nine second choice votes.

All the children have worked really hard over the last few weeks writing manifestos, preparing speeches and producing lots of publicity to convince the year group to vote for their party. I am really proud of what they have achieved and I agree with Barnsley East Stephanie Peacock, who recently said we may have a future local MP in Y5!

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A hero speaks to Y5!

By 23

Today Y5 had the opportunity to meet Troy Conner, veteran Parachute Regiment, who told us his life story. It was informative, moving and very thought provoking.

Please ask the Y5 children to tell you Troy’s story.

Here are a few photographs from his visit.

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Which political party would you vote for?

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After the visit of Stephanie Peacock, our local MP, the children in Y5 have been split into 8 groups and will be starting their own political party.

Today they were thinking about a name, logo, slogan and 4 main manifesto pledges.

I am so impressed with how they are working together in their groups, assigning each other jobs and prioritising workload. I am really looking forward to seeing this develop over the next few weeks before we hold the political hustings just before half term.

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Democracy in action

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Today Y5 grilled our local MP Stephanie Peacock. She attended a 45 minute Q&A session in the school hall.

We were all really proud of the mature, responsible approach from our children.

Stephanie commented, that hopefully in the Hall was a future Member of Parliament for Barnsley East!

What did we learn about democracy from our visitor?

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Aborigine Creation Story

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In Year One we have been looking at the different Creation stories from around the world. This week we discussed the Aborigine Creation Story and how the Aborigine people of Australia have a very different view to Christians.

We looked at how the native Australian animals play a big part in these stories and how this is shown in Aboriginal artwork.

From this we chose to develop our dot painting skills as seen in a lot of Aboriginal artwork.

After we had practised these skills we chose to develop them by creating our own Australian animal dot paintings.

This is the outcome of our skill building and resilience to achieve a really effective outcome!

What do you think?

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Local government democracy in action!

By 25

Today we visited the Town Hall to meet the Mayor of Barnsley.

We grilled him in the Council Chamber and found out lots about democracy in local government.

Councillor Ennis was a great host and all the children got a chance to ask him a question just like at a full council meeting.

If you have any questions about the Mayor and the Town Hall we would love to try and answer them after our informative visit this morning.

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