It’s time to strike!

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Today Y3 went on strike for 1 hour hoping their actions would alert Mr Fallon and the rest of HCPS to the affects of single use plastic usage within school.

During this time, the children designed posters and placards which they used in a demonstration on the playground this afternoon.

The children received a letter from Mr Fallon expressing his views on this situation. Over the next few weeks the children will be preparing their response.

Please ask the Y3 children about their experiences and what they hope to achieve within school.

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What an amazing day at the Lamproom Theatre!

By 15

Our day at the Lamproom Theatre began with a photo shoot by the Barnsley Chronicle and an informative talk about the theatre from Ruth the theatre manager.

This was followed by a technical rehearsal with the theatre technicians, Gary and Callum. They both helped us no end with lights, sound and projection!

Around 11am we began a full dress rehearsal which was filmed for prosperity and also a little memento for the children and their families.

Around 1pm the doors opened and the audience arrived at the theatre and this included the Mayor of Barnsley, Education Director at BMBC and of course many excited parents.

I am sure everyone who attended will agree that the performance was amazing and the children showed how talented they really are. Who said children can’t perform Shakespeare and captivate an audience?

We would like to thank everyone for attending this afternoon and don’t forget to join us in 12 months time when we will do it all over again. How lucky are we?

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