THANK YOU YEAR 3- ‘It’s a rubbish adventure’.

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AAD29640-5EE6-4195-AF94-BC7815325420Just a quick post to say a big thank you to our year 3 children.

We are learning about the effect of litter and single use plastic on our planet and environment.

Our classes have shared their enthusiasm, empathy and passion to be the change they want to see in our world.

As they participate in this learning journey, I am incredibly proud of them and their efforts to learn about the impact of single use plastic. It is a pleasure to see them strive to make a difference.

Thank you for supporting the children at home and taking time to fill in their diary and talk to them about their learning. Next term we will continue to apply our geography and ICT skills to learn more about our planet and the difference that our generation can make to help secure its future!

Well done year 3, you are capable of making a huge difference to our school, our community and our planet.

Mrs Huckstepp & Mr Rob.


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This week in Year 3 we have been studying Hinduism during RE week.

We have spent time learning about who founded HInduism and where it was founded.

We are beginning to understand the main beliefs and know where Hindus worship.

Today we spent time listening to traditional music and even tried some beautiful Indian food!

What have you enjoyed most about RE week and why?

Did you try any food that you have never eaten before?  Did you like it?

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Hot choc 6 Hot choc 7 Hotchocolate 5Hotchocolate 1 Hotchocolate 2 Hotchocolate 3 Hotchocolate 4This morning, Mrs Burkill and I wanted to thank the children for all of their hard work this term.

We have spent the morning watching POLAR EXPRESS and they have been treated to sweets, treats and HOT CHOCOLATE (plus marshmellows, of course!)

We hope you enjoyed the morning, we have certainly enjoyed seeing the smiles on your faces.

Have a wonderful christmas Year 3.

Love from,

Mrs Huckstepp & Mrs Burkill


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Christmas Spirit!

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Hello class 7-

In the build up to christmas, I know many of you will be doing lots of fun or exciting things!

You may have an elf visiting you? You may have an advent calander which you open each day. Or you may wish to tell me what you’ve been up to.

Whatever it is, I want to know! Let’s get in to the Christtmas spirit together.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Feel free to add photos or just write a comment.

Mrs H x

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SPELLING SHED HOMEWORK (Due in Friday 16th November)

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Hello class 7,

Your SPELLING SHED word lists for this week are now available on your individual portals. You can access spelling shed via this link:

OR by typing Spelling Shed in to Google. (Your Login details are stuck in your homework diaries)

When you log in, you will need to practice the spellings at least 7 times. After this, you will then be given automatic access to the games!

Spellings will be revisited on Friday 16th November, 2018.

I look forward to following your progress on the app!

Mrs Huckstepp 🙂



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Year 3!

You are currently in the middle of inventing your very own hybrid beasts and next week you will begin to write your report about your new creature. As you know you have combined an animal which is living today with a dinosaur that is extinct.

Over the weekend we would like you to gather some facts about your TWO chosen creatures. These will then be used within your report.

Remember you have FOUR SUBHEADINGS.

  • Appearance (What your beast will look like)
  • Diet (What you beast will eat)
  • Habitat (Where your beast can be found)
  • Fun Facts (Any interesting facts about your creature)


How many facts can you find about your chosen animals?

We look forward to you teaching us something new on Monday!

Enjoy and good luck!

Mrs Huckstepp and Mrs Burkill



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Year 3 Half Term Photo Challenge

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Well done during Assessment Week Year 3. Here is a fun little photo challenge for you to have a go at during the holidays!

We would love to see the pictures you take on the blog! There is no need to print photos and bring them in. We know it’s an ‘October Challenge’ but please just take the photos when you like.🙂

Happy half term!

Happy October/ November!

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Today, class 7 & 8 joined forces and we all ventured out to prepare for our Stone Age fashion show.

We know the Stone Age people were hunter gatherers and were incredily resourceful. So, we wanted to gather some resources of our own and re invent Stone Age fashion! So here is it’s- A/W collection 2018

we will add more photos tomorrow! What did you enjoy about this afternoon? What would you do differently? 85C0464A-A626-4799-B876-6643EAFB25F0 1C52635B-5C8F-476F-81EB-CD72FD38B7F6 F56D764F-99FC-48CC-87D9-A59826753AA7 ED14E5F2-847B-4E44-9174-E9E1BFCC9010 E47DC834-F50C-43F6-A0E0-55B12FA3F6FF 433FACA0-68B3-4994-927B-491C4632F12F AA01DF98-0B39-4A5D-A70A-B2FCF981C8A3 2E7441AB-3CCE-49C0-B2CD-1F4E84677221 D4B20C0F-CDAB-47AC-B15B-0B8221723DF6 D260140C-2635-4455-B66F-6DB01FB7D1F1 47F3BC56-62D9-449B-BF05-BFB3418237E4 F161CD88-E06C-4E4D-BD14-59056EF593D1 36B01212-26B7-4240-9C6D-E9012271EE1F 3CE8AD4D-61F6-45C1-B32C-37BB5C5662F0 3BDAE548-97B1-4B56-BD71-D0CDCA91D530 710AF4C2-09C6-47B8-851C-A1E5440F0BD9 194C4E30-81A5-429C-BA8E-55FBA68CCCB3 0FF2E2FD-A724-4A08-ACD6-977CE3C29C66 83026449-5E49-4659-8F94-AC4199A2CF62 9103EA2B-202E-4A56-8B55-01B228897DD3 A3CCA9AD-1925-4F52-88AE-41186302EDD8 0DA59BDC-8127-4510-A2AD-B3417C5E0FB8 D28F0640-E061-4D68-AE56-C3E95BED8C6A

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