Should under 16s be allowed their own smartphone?

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Here are some of our thoughts…

Freya – No because strangers could contact you on the internet.

Parneet – No because they are too young to look after it and it could get stolen.

Liam – No because it could put in danger.

Katie – Yes but only over 12s as they might want to play games on their phone.

Jessica – Yes because you might need to phone your parents in an emergency.

Ashleigh – No because people could look at things without your permission.

Zak – Yes so that you can phone your parents when you are lost.

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Is it healthier to be afraid of everything or nothing?

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After our discussion in class this is what some of us thought…

Katie: If you were scared of everything it would put a lot of pressure on your body and make you nervous.

Parneet: If you were scared of everything, you would be scared of your family and that would not be a good thing!

Liam: You should be scared of some things so you don’t get hurt.

Olly: If you were scared of everything you would be scared of things that aren’t actually scary!

Jessie: If you weren’t scared of anything you might do something silly and unsafe.

Ashleigh: Everybody is scared of something but you shouldn’t be scared of everything!

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Welcome Back!

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Hello Year 2! Hope you have all had a wonderful summer holiday. I’m really looking forward to seeing you all in Class 6 and hearing all about your adventures.

What exciting things have you been doing?

Have you visited a new place during the summer?


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Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

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What an AMAZING day we’ve had today at YWP! We spent lots of time exploring the park  & seeing lots of different animals.

Which was your favourite animal? Why?

We also had a workshop where we learnt about different habitats & the animals that live there. We also got to meet some animals!


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Data dynamos!

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This is week in maths we have been learning how to use Carroll Diagrams to collect and organise data. We helped Mr Fallon find out which subjects in school were the most popular. We also put ourselves into a class Carroll Diagram!

Which subject would you have chosen?

Maths or Literacy?

Art or PE?

Science or Geography?

We found out that maths was most popular!

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