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Tempest goes down a storm in the Chronicle! /

It was great to see our wonderful actors performance celebrated in the ‘Chron’ this week. For those who haven’t seen the article here it is.

And yes we know it lasted 50 minutes not 10 minutes but they recognised all the hard work the children had put in throughout the school year!

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What an amazing day at the Lamproom Theatre! /

Our day at the Lamproom Theatre began with a photo shoot by the Barnsley Chronicle and an informative talk about the theatre from Ruth the theatre manager.

This was followed by a technical rehearsal with the theatre technicians, Gary and Callum. They both helped us no end with lights, sound and projection!

Around 11am we began a full dress rehearsal which was filmed for prosperity and also a little memento for the children and their families.

Around 1pm the doors opened and the audience arrived at the theatre and this included the Mayor of Barnsley, Education Director at BMBC and of course many excited parents.

I am sure everyone who attended will agree that the performance was amazing and the children showed how talented they really are. Who said children can’t perform Shakespeare and captivate an audience?

We would like to thank everyone for attending this afternoon and don’t forget to join us in 12 months time when we will do it all over again. How lucky are we?

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Performance Day /

After 9 months hard work the cast will finally perform their version of ‘The Tempest’ at The Lamproom Theatre at 1:30 this afternoon.

Their hard work, commitment and dedication has been amazing and I’m sure the 150 members of the audience will see this later today.

We will post further comments and photographs during the day so please leave a comment.

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Tempest on CBeebies /

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    • 28 March, 2018
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We thought you’d like to know about the latest Shakespeare broadcast on CBeebies due to be shown this Easter Friday!

CBeebies Shakespeare Special – The Tempest

A magical island, a stormy shipwreck and a royal mystery!

Following on from CBeebies A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Steven Kynman is back as William Shakespeare, this time with backstage help from Swashbuckle’s Captain Captain. Andy Day takes on the fantastical Shakespearean role of the island monster Caliban, while Justin Fletcher is the king’s comical jester, Trinculo. With Patrick Robinson as Prospero and Annette Badland as his good friend Gonzala, CBeebies The Tempest brings together an amazing cast to perform one of Shakespeare’s best-loved plays.

Set on an island not far from Italy, the play tells the story of Prospero, one-time Duke of Milan, who lives with his daughter Miranda, their monster servant Caliban and a magical, musical and mostly invisible sprite called Ariel. Having been sent away from Milan 12 years earlier by his own brother, Sebastian, and King Alonso, Prospero has spent his time on the island practising his magic, studying and plotting for a time when he can take revenge. That moment has arrived. All his enemies are aboard a ship sailing near the island and it is the perfect time for Prospero’s plan.

Creating a magical storm with his sprite Ariel, Prospero causes a shipwreck, landing the king and his lords, ladies, butler and jester all over the island. Slowly Prospero weaves his magic to fulfil his plan, with Ariel carrying out many of his tasks, before eventually forgiving all those who did him wrong.

Filmed at the Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield, in front of a live invited audience, CBeebies The Tempest is the perfect introduction to Shakespeare for families and preschoolers, with the most famous moments from Shakespeare’s original text surrounded by magic, music and mischief.

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Shakespeare’s Tempest /

Rehearsals are going really well for our June performance of The Tempest.

After Easter we will be starting our dress rehearsals with full props and costume.

Here are a few photographs from Friday’s rehearsal.

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Aborigine Creation Story /

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    • 20 January, 2018
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In Year One we have been looking at the different Creation stories from around the world. This week we discussed the Aborigine Creation Story and how the Aborigine people of Australia have a very different view to Christians.

We looked at how the native Australian animals play a big part in these stories and how this is shown in Aboriginal artwork.

From this we chose to develop our dot painting skills as seen in a lot of Aboriginal artwork.

After we had practised these skills we chose to develop them by creating our own Australian animal dot paintings.

This is the outcome of our skill building and resilience to achieve a really effective outcome!

What do you think?

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The parts are cast and rehearsals begin /

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    • 9 November, 2017
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Tonight we have cast the parts for The Tempest, which will be performed in June 2018 at The Lamproom Theatre.  We have started to read through the script and work out what Shakespeare’s language means. Keep checking on our progress over the next few months. 

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What a wonderful Arts Week! /

The painting in the car park is finished. It looks fabulous. Thank you to all the children and staff who worked so hard.  The designs reflect the learning the children have done on the subject ‘celebrating differences’.

The children have finished a variety of projects, so keep watching out for the photos of these as they go up around school.  Have a look at the Foundation Stage blog to see what wonderful activities they have been doing. 

What did you enjoy doing this week?

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