Aborigine Creation Story

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In Year One we have been looking at the different Creation stories from around the world. This week we discussed the Aborigine Creation Story and how the Aborigine people of Australia have a very different view to Christians.

We looked at how the native Australian animals play a big part in these stories and how this is shown in Aboriginal artwork.

From this we chose to develop our dot painting skills as seen in a lot of Aboriginal artwork.

After we had practised these skills we chose to develop them by creating our own Australian animal dot paintings.

This is the outcome of our skill building and resilience to achieve a really effective outcome!

What do you think?

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What a wonderful Arts Week!

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The painting in the car park is finished. It looks fabulous. Thank you to all the children and staff who worked so hard.  The designs reflect the learning the children have done on the subject ‘celebrating differences’.

The children have finished a variety of projects, so keep watching out for the photos of these as they go up around school.  Have a look at the Foundation Stage blog to see what wonderful activities they have been doing. 

What did you enjoy doing this week?

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Three tasks over three days.

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The children will be working in their House teams and will have to complete three tasks in three days.

Mr Tallant is working with a group of children in Rockingham to create a piece of artwork celebrating diversity which will be outside in the car park.

All children will create a collage that celebrates being different. These children are researching ideas during the planning stage.

These children are generating ideas for a personal unique portrait they will take tomorrow for a digital installation in the school reception.

Check the blog regularly for updates and to see how their work is developing.

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Arts Week 2017

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Today we will be starting our activities for this year’s Arts Week.

We will be celebrating the differences that make us all special and unique!

Please keep checking the blog to see what’s happening in school during the rest of the week.

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