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Bonjour et bienvenue /

Hello and welcome back to the French blog ! Sorry I’ve been so far quiet this term – I had a technical hitch which Mrs Paddock has kindly sorted for me now! This term Y6 French have learned their colours, and where to position them in a sentence (after the noun!). We have played quiz quiz trade to practise sentences describing an animal by its colour ” Voici un cochon rose – j’adore ça” or “Voici une souris grise – Je déteste ça”.

To practise your colours, visit French Games !

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Boules and Beret /

Today we read a story in French and wrote short sentences describing a scene in the story. Then, seeing as it’s my birthday and it’s gorgeous weather today we went to the amphitheater to play boules and beret … typical French games. And we each had “un pain au chocolat” ? We also learned to sing “old McDonald” in French ! 

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Les animaux /

Today we learned about cognates and false friends, learned that French nouns are either masculine or feminine, and had a brief look at the historical origins of many words that are the same in French and English (cognates). Phew! And on top of all that we learned the names for some animals, and made some quiz books about them:  

Here’s a Quizlet to practise!

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Les instructions! /

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    • 12 May, 2017
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Today we have been using the imperative in French, learning to use and understand classroom instructions. We made lots of links to language we already know – ranging from Latin root words to Harry Potter spells – “its Wingardium Leviosa” ?⚡️. We also managed to make links to SPAG ?❤️??
To practise try this Quizlet:

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Bienvenue! /

What a lovely start to learning French with Miss Griffin’s class. Thank you for making me feel so welcome. Today we learned basic greetings, and learned a finger rhyme and a song too! Not bad at all for your first lesson , well done everyone !


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Joyeuses Pâques! /

Today Miss Redfearn’s class learned about French Easter traditions and beliefs. For example, French children believe  that Easter eggs are delivered by flying bells on their way back from being blessed by the Pope in Rome! We played Kahoot to test our learning – I’m glad to say we had some very high scorers – well done! Then we made “guirlande de pâques” and learned how to say “joyeuses pâques.”

Thank you for a lovely term Miss Redfearn’s class, you’ve been wonderful to work with! Merci beaucoup ?

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Les opinions et les Poissons d’avril /

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    • 31 March, 2017
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This week we revised colours, and looked at some paintings by Henri Matisse, who is one of my favourite French artists. We talked about whether we liked the pictures or not, and learned “j’adore ça” and “Je déteste ça”‘.  We also learned the difference between the definite and indefinite articles in French, and that when using general nouns, you use the plural definite article les. E.G. J’adore les chiens.

To find out more about Henri Matisse and his work, visit this site:

Then we looked at the French tradition of “Poisson d’avril” on April 1st, and made decorative paper fish ready for tomorrow…. you have been warned! 

To learn more about this unusual custom, and other French Easter traditions, visit this website:

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Bonne fête maman! /

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    • 24 March, 2017
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This week’s French lesson began with a surprise visit (well, for me at least ?) from Google ! The Google lady had brought a class set of phones in 3D cardboard headsets and used them to demonstrate the Google Expeditions programme – the gasps of amazement were palpable as we first visited the bottom of the ocean, then flew off into space and then finally walked on the moon. Wow. Just wow! I was really impressed by how well everyone shared the headsets, and were very thoughtful while taking turns.

We then went back to French, where we spotted cognates and used bilingual dictionaries to translate some sentences from French into English. After play we used these sentences to help write our own sentences and make a Mother’s Day card in French – what do you think? 

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Les couleurs  /

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    • 10 March, 2017
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Today we learned the French names for colours – we set out to learn at least 8 colours, but by the end of the lesson most had learned 11, PLUS the word “multicolore” which means multicoloured ??? Well done Miss Redfearn’s class ?

Click here to play some games and practice your colours!

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World Book Day /

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    • 3 March, 2017
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Today Miss Redfearn’s class learned how to say “I am” in French – je suis.  We listened to a story about a baby elephant ( un éléphant) who had lost his mum. We spotted lots of cognates! We played “Quiz quiz trade”, then wrote some sentences using our new phrase. 

As it was World Book Day this week, after playtime I read the class a very unusual book called “The Great Français Wordsearch” – a book that starts in English and finishes in French! Y6 gave it a big ??!

Still on a Book theme, Y6 then each selected a French book to read from a selection I had brought in. They read the book, looking for familiar words. They then used a bilingual French /English dictionary to decide if these words were cognates or false friends

A lot of the books were of stories that were very familiar to Y6, such as Dr Seuss, or The Gruffalo, but there were lots of new stories to explore too. ❤??❤?

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