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Mon pull de Noël /

Today we learned revised colours and numbers, and learned some new Christmas vocabulary: un pull de Noël👕, Le père Noël🎅🏻, un Bonhomme de Neige⛄️, un sapin 🎄un renne 🦌, un cadeau 🎁, un flocon de neige ❄️ and un pingouin 🐧. We then designed a Christmas jumper and wrote sentences describing them.

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Saint Nicolas /

Today we started to learn about some French Christmas traditions- the 6th of December is Saint Nicolas Day – the night before, French children put their shoes out by the door so that Saint Nicolas can leave some sweets – maybe chocolate coins or candy canes if they’ve been good. If they’ve been naughty, however, his nasty companion Père Fouettard will leave them a bundle of twigs!

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Bonjour et bienvenue /

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    • 6 October, 2017
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Hello and welcome back to the French blog ! Sorry I’ve been so far quiet this term – I had a technical hitch which Mrs Paddock has kindly sorted for me now! This term Y6 French have learned their colours, and where to position them in a sentence (after the noun!). We have played quiz quiz trade to practise sentences describing an animal by its colour ” Voici un cochon rose – j’adore ça” or “Voici une souris grise – Je déteste ça”.

To practise your colours, visit French Games !

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Boules and Beret /

Today we read a story in French and wrote short sentences describing a scene in the story. Then, seeing as it’s my birthday and it’s gorgeous weather today we went to the amphitheater to play boules and beret … typical French games. And we each had “un pain au chocolat” ? We also learned to sing “old McDonald” in French ! 

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Les animaux /

Today we learned about cognates and false friends, learned that French nouns are either masculine or feminine, and had a brief look at the historical origins of many words that are the same in French and English (cognates). Phew! And on top of all that we learned the names for some animals, and made some quiz books about them:  

Here’s a Quizlet to practise!

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Les instructions! /

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    • 12 May, 2017
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Today we have been using the imperative in French, learning to use and understand classroom instructions. We made lots of links to language we already know – ranging from Latin root words to Harry Potter spells – “its Wingardium Leviosa” ?⚡️. We also managed to make links to SPAG ?❤️??
To practise try this Quizlet:

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Bienvenue! /

What a lovely start to learning French with Miss Griffin’s class. Thank you for making me feel so welcome. Today we learned basic greetings, and learned a finger rhyme and a song too! Not bad at all for your first lesson , well done everyone !


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Joyeuses Pâques! /

Today Miss Redfearn’s class learned about French Easter traditions and beliefs. For example, French children believe  that Easter eggs are delivered by flying bells on their way back from being blessed by the Pope in Rome! We played Kahoot to test our learning – I’m glad to say we had some very high scorers – well done! Then we made “guirlande de pâques” and learned how to say “joyeuses pâques.”

Thank you for a lovely term Miss Redfearn’s class, you’ve been wonderful to work with! Merci beaucoup ?

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