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Welcome to Miss Burkill’s class! In our class we don’t think that being small should ever stop anyone from dreaming big!

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Rehearsals Underway! /

Welcome back to the second half of the Spring Term Year 3/4!

This is an extremely busy term for us as we will be show casing some of our best work from this term in our Easter performance in a few weeks time (details to follow for parents).

Here are the links to the songs chosen for our performance… pleaseeee try and fit in some practise at home! We will send home lyrics later in the week where you will see we have trimmed some of the songs down. However if you can get a feel for the tune and rhythm of the songs at home, we will learn the lyrics much quicker in school!

1). Consider Yourself

2). Industrial World

3). Pick a Pocket or Two

4). Streets of London


Thank you in advance!

Mrs Burkill, Mrs Huckstepp, Miss Redfearn & Mrs Miller

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Which Was The Worst Job To Have As A Victorian Child? /

Class 7 have gone back in time… right back to the 1800s when Queen Victoria reigned in Britain.

We have Victorian names and even job roles! We have been finding out all about these roles, which some children did instead of going to school! The more we find out, the more we like school!

Here’s a short clip of the debate we had around which role we thought was the worst!



I’m looking forward to our next debate Class 7!

Good start to our new topic 👍🏻

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Just around the corner… 🎅🏻 /

We would like to say a huge thank you for all our cards, gifts and well wishes. Both myself, Miss Smallbone and Miss Cottrill were overwhelmed with the thought which went in to them!

Have a very lovely Christmas, stay safe, look after each other and we’ll see you back in 2018!


























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Christmas Homework /

Here it is…

Christmas 🎄

Have a lovely Christmas. We’d love to see some of what you get up to over Christmas, here on the blog.

Can you use the list and take the photos?

We do not need a copy of the photos in School, just simply post them on here 😊

Most of all rest, laugh and have a lovely holiday!

Mrs B


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Christmas Celebrations! /

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    • 18 December, 2017
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Just a little reminder…

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is Year 3/4 Christmas party day. The children may come to school in their party clothes.

Thursday is Christmas dinner day. The children may come to school in their festive jumpers for this.

There are no clubs now until after the Christmas holidays.

The children will not need their PE kits this week due to all the festive activities!

Thank you,

Mrs Burkill & Mrs Huckstepp


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Times Table Rock Stars /

Class 7 Maths

You are now set up on Times Table Rock Stars (TTRS). Your homework this week is to explore the website, choose a name and clothes for your avatar and have a go in a couple of battles.

The website can be accessed through the internet on either a computer or tablet.

Choose the student login in section and use the login details I have given you.

You will find the rest of the class in here too, maybe even other classes!

Please comment your reviews here 🙂


Mrs Burkill

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A Vocabulary Sort of Week /

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    • 7 December, 2017
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Wow! What high level vocabulary we have been learning in Maths this week! We have been using this vocabulary to discuss a range of shapes including quadrilaterals!

Can you use mathematical vocabulary to describe one of the quadrilaterals we have learnt about?

Square  Rectangle  Parallelogram  Rhombus  Trapezium  Kite



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Fantastic Beasts /

Last week we began investigating reports. This is incredibly important as we have been asked by Newt Scamander to create an entirely NEW beast for his up coming book! His book contains the most beautiful, detailed sketches of these incredibly rare creatures, along with specific information about each fantastic beast! Naturally, we have stepped up to this challenge, but we know it will be tough (AND EXCITING!) Do you have any ideas about your beast? What will they look like? What will they be a hybrid of? Can you tell me any words or phrases that you’re thinking of including? Good luck class 7- Reply with your wonderful knowledge/ideas. Thank you. Mrs B

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