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Homework in maths this week… /

This week your homework task is to recap the division method. To help you with this I have set you all a little challenge…

You must fill in the multiplication grid and time yourself to see how long it takes you to ACCURATELY complete it all!

Remember to post a comment on the blog and tell me how quick you are with your times tables!

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Using our literacy skills /

Today we have used all the skills we have learnt over the past 4 weeks to up level a setting description. When we reflected on all the skills we have covered so far, we realised just how much we had covered in Year 5! Punctuation, adverbial phrases, sentence structures…the list goes on!

We worked in different groups today and everyone was focused on making sure they used the different skills, to create a fantastic setting description. We are not quite finished with our final piece, but take a look at us in action.








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In a galaxy far, far away… /

Well, the last few weeks have flown by! Class 11 have been introduced to their topic ‘In a galaxy far, far away…’ and are eager to get creative with the task. During topic, class 11 will be working in small groups to create their own stop motion studio, which they will use to film a star wars themed short film. These films will be used to enter a stop motion competition that we have been invited to enter, so they will need to be professional with their work.

Over the last few weeks we have been researching more about what stop motion is and a selection of stop motion artists. This week we have started to think more about our design and have started to gather ideas for our backdrop design. The children are eager to get creating their studios and are full of ideas that they want to try.

What is it that you have learnt about stop motion? What are you most looking forward to in this task? What ideas do you want to try when designing your backdrop?


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