Afternoon Art in Year 5…

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During topic this week we have been refining our art skills. In order for us to be able to paint the Bayeux Tapestry (I know, it’s a huge task!) we needed to control the brush strokes that we use. We then tested our skills by painting the templates which have very small detail. After our first attempt we then continued to practise on the same template, which become smaller each time.

I have to say Class 12, you were absolutely fantastic at this and every single one of you improved over the three attempts!


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So last Friday the Year 5 & 6 girls had the opportunity to visit Kirk Balk and take part in an all girls STEM day. They got the chance to work with female engineers, representatives from RAF and STEM ambassadors where they created some FANTASTIC aircrafts.

In Class 12 yesterday afternoon, the girls got the chance to share their models and fill the boys in on the skills they developed. They explained the technique they used to roll the newspaper, the different tools and machines they had to learn to use and the circuit that they created to ensure their aircraft had lights.

SHOUT OUT to Renee who did an AMAZING job at drawing the circuit they used and explaining in clear to detail how the circuit was constructed.

Take a look at the girls sharing their work with Class 12 boys…



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Should animals be treated the same as humans?

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So our community circles question this week was ‘Should animals be treated the same as humans?’

In out assembly we were all crammed to the front of the hall to experience the same treatment that some animals receive. During our class discussions, we were thinking about what rights humans have, which we struggled to understand.

My question for class 12 is: What are human rights and do you think animals should have the same rights?

Miss Eyre


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Well, Year 5 has got off to a busy start! Our topic this term is all about the Battle of Hastings, as Mr T and his puppy Max dug up some old swords. They were sent to be investigated at the Royal Armouries and they turned out to be daggers!

Although we weren’t allowed to keep the originals, they have sent Mr T replica’s which they created using 3D mapping! So after that exciting delivery and having the chance to look at the daggers, we had our visit to the Royal Armouries in Leeds last week.

The trip was fantastic! All the children got the chance to look around the galleries and we even got the chance to handle some of the weapons and armour that the Saxons and Normans would have worn during the Battle of Hastings!

What was your favourite part of the trip?


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Summer is nearly over…

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I hope you have all had a fantastic summer holiday! With the summer nearly at an end, I hope you are all ready to come back to school as Year 5’s!

What have you been up to in your summer holidays?

What are you most looking forward to in Year 5?

See you Tuesday!

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Year 5 Pupils become Maths Teachers!

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Today, some of the year 5’s went down to Y3/4 into Mrs Burkill’s maths class to model how to answer reasoning questions. I was super impressed with the clear explanations from my Year 5’s but also the hard work of the Year 3/4’s! Both classes learnt a lot today, with the Year 5’s realising that explanations can be quite difficult when you just know how to answer it yourself! Well done to everyone involved today, you worked really hard!





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Young Entrepeneurs become Printing Artists

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On Thursday Class 11 had the privilege of meeting a professional print artist, Samantha, who helped them to create their advertising t-shirts with their own company logos!

First, Sam showed us how to create a template using craft foam and how we could create layers for our print. Some of us had to simplify our designs and adapt them which Sam and Jason helped us to figure out. Then, using the fabric inks we had a go at practising our print using our own templates on paper. It took us a few attempts to get the correct technique, but once we had mastered it we were given our t-shirts to complete our design! We re-used the same templates and the inks and we printed our company logos onto our t-shirts! Everyone’s t-shirts came out brilliantly and it was great to see the difference between each partners design as well.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Jason and Sam for visiting us and helping us to create these fab designs! We will definitely be wearing these when we are advertising our game!

Take a look at us during the workshop and let us know what you think of our designs!

ED881126-6100-4455-A7B5-851912A12F20 5D17CF6E-6055-410D-BF0E-5DD97985BB52


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Let’s Get Active Indoors!

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Today was our final let’s get active day, but the rain meant we had to do it indoors! This didn’t stop the whole school (including Year 5) taking part in activities.

This morning Year 5 took part in a mixture of dance, fitness, yoga and curling. This afternoon in Class 11, we have been playing badminton. Altogether we have had a fantastic day in Year 5 for the last let’s get active!

Take a look at some of us in action…

IMG_1568 IMG_1567


IMG_1585 IMG_1583 IMG_1582 IMG_1581 IMG_1579




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Election Time

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Today we completed this year’s SMSC project looking at British Values and specifically democracy. The children in Y5 held an open hustings where the 8 political parties were grilled before the votes were cast.

It was a heated debate in the school hall and tempers were flared as each party vied for recognition and support.

It was great to see the adult’s faces in the room as the candidates and fellow party members strongly expressed their opinions and fought for what they believe in.

It was definitely DEMOCRACY in action.

The results are in and posted around school. The Civic Party won a closely fought election by a simple majority of one. They also received nine second choice votes.

All the children have worked really hard over the last few weeks writing manifestos, preparing speeches and producing lots of publicity to convince the year group to vote for their party. I am really proud of what they have achieved and I agree with Barnsley East Stephanie Peacock, who recently said we may have a future local MP in Y5!

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A hero speaks to Y5!

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Today Y5 had the opportunity to meet Troy Conner, veteran Parachute Regiment, who told us his life story. It was informative, moving and very thought provoking.

Please ask the Y5 children to tell you Troy’s story.

Here are a few photographs from his visit.

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