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Welcome to Year 1. We are looking forward to all the exciting things we have planned for this year!

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Investigating Skeletons /

Next week we will be building our own skeletons with articulated joints. Your mission is to investigate where you find hinge joints around your home (can you find any other types of moving joint?) and practise The Skeleton Dance.

It would also be useful if you could collect some sturdy cardboard tubes from kitchen roll or toilet rolls.

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Journeys and Adventures /

Inspired by Miguel’s adventure in the Disney film ‘Coco’, our new topic is ‘Journeys and Adventures’ and your mission is to share an exciting journey or adventure you have made or are going to make during the Easter holiday.

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Aborigine Creation Story /

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    • 20 January, 2018
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In Year One we have been looking at the different Creation stories from around the world. This week we discussed the Aborigine Creation Story and how the Aborigine people of Australia have a very different view to Christians.

We looked at how the native Australian animals play a big part in these stories and how this is shown in Aboriginal artwork.

From this we chose to develop our dot painting skills as seen in a lot of Aboriginal artwork.

After we had practised these skills we chose to develop them by creating our own Australian animal dot paintings.

This is the outcome of our skill building and resilience to achieve a really effective outcome!

What do you think?

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Mummy Mission /

Your mission this week is to find out some amazing facts about how and why the Ancient Egyptians made their mummies. You could ask someone, look in a book or search online (with supervision). Write, draw, use pictures, make a video in your mission book or on the blog.

You Wouldn t Want to be an Egyptian Mummy!

You Wouldn t Want to be an Egyptian Mummy!

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Merry Christmas to you all /

Have a wonderful Christmas break. We want you to enjoy all the festivities so there is no official Marvellous Mission but we would love it if you blogged some pics of your best moments. See you in 2018.


Remember you can check out the Year One Advent Calendar on Twitter – @HCPS_KS1

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