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Welcome to Year 1. We are looking forward to all the exciting things we have planned for this year!

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Christingle /

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    • 30 November, 2017
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This trip to St. Peter’s Church in Tankersley marks the start of Chritsmas for us in Key Stage One. What a wonderful event even if it was a wee bit chilly.





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Holiday Mission /

Your mission is to tell us about what you got up to over the half-term holiday. You can write about something you have done, draw the event or take photos. Remember to blog if you can.

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Story Detective’s Mission /

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    • 12 October, 2017
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We have been investigating the crimes committed in the story of The Three Little Pigs. We have looked at the evidence and begun to piece together the events.

Your mission from Officer Bunny is to make a plan that explains the events leading up to the crimes.

You can draw and order the events of the story…
or act out the events and take pictures or videos…
or think of another imaginative way to recreate the events.


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Year One Phonics Screening /

Well done to all the children who have completed the Phonics Screening. You should be very proud of all your hard work and your achievements. You have all been superstars. We would also like to thank everyone who supported the children at home. You showed that the partnership between home and school is a powerful way to help children make progress.

(No results will be released until the government has confirmed the threshold for a pass. You will receive a confirmation of your child’s result with their school report.)

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