CoverItLive – Conference with Ferrero Group Representative

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Live Blog Conference with Ferrero Group Representative

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Wow! For those of you who don’t already know the Y5 children received a delivery last week! During the holidays Max (Mr T’s puppy) dug up some old swords and they were sent off to the Royal Armouries to be investigated.

This week we recevied a parcel and letter from Leeds Royal Armouries and it turns out that the swords Max found are actually daggers! The researchers at the Armouries said that they weren’t willing to send the original relics to us because they needed to study them further, but instead they sent a pair of replica daggers which they created using 3D projection mapping! How cool is that?!

After Mr T had read the letter to us and showed us how to hold the daggers carefully we were given the opportunity to take a further look for ourselves! The daggers were surprisingly light considering how big they are.

What do you think, would any of us make good Norman soldiers?


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Young Entrepreneurs become advertising specialists!

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This week Class 10 were lucky enough to have been visited by a professional print artist. We worked with Sam for a full morning, she showed us some of her work and she showed us how to produce t-shirt prints. During the workshop we worked with our business partners to print our company logos onto some t-shirts (kindly donated by ASOS). First, Sam showed us how to create a template and the different layers of our logo using printing fabric and cardboard, we then used this template to guide our print, mixed the correct inks and practiced printing onto some paper (to make sure we had mastered the careful technique approach!) Then, it was time to give it a go! We were given our t-shirts and we re-used our templates to print out company logos onto them – take a look at the results and comment about how you think we did!

We’d like to give a massive thanks to Jason & Sam for coming in and working with us! We’ll be wearing our t-shirts during our advertisement phase of our gaming topic! 🙂

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Election Time

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Today we completed this year’s SMSC project looking at British Values and specifically democracy. The children in Y5 held an open hustings where the 8 political parties were grilled before the votes were cast.

It was a heated debate in the school hall and tempers were flared as each party vied for recognition and support.

It was great to see the adult’s faces in the room as the candidates and fellow party members strongly expressed their opinions and fought for what they believe in.

It was definitely DEMOCRACY in action.

The results are in and posted around school. The Civic Party won a closely fought election by a simple majority of one. They also received nine second choice votes.

All the children have worked really hard over the last few weeks writing manifestos, preparing speeches and producing lots of publicity to convince the year group to vote for their party. I am really proud of what they have achieved and I agree with Barnsley East Stephanie Peacock, who recently said we may have a future local MP in Y5!

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A hero speaks to Y5!

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Today Y5 had the opportunity to meet Troy Conner, veteran Parachute Regiment, who told us his life story. It was informative, moving and very thought provoking.

Please ask the Y5 children to tell you Troy’s story.

Here are a few photographs from his visit.

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Game Design: Our characters are taking shape!

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So… It’s been a really busy start to the half term for our topic! Our topic this term is: Young Entrepreneurs: Think it, Code it, Sell it. We are working in pairs to create a business and video game! So far we’ve created our business and we’ve designed some logos to advertise our business.

Take a look at our final logos here:

elite techware

enter kight

Galaxy Gaming

HK Disasters

HM Rockstars



JJS rocking tech



Smash games


This week our focus has shifted from our business and onto our video game. We’ve began designing the characters for our game in preparation for later on this week where we’ll actually begin to code our games! These images are screenshots of the characters we’ve began creating so far, they’re just one frame and aren’t animated yet but hopefully it gives you an idea of what we’re going to be creating! 🙂

What have you enjoyed so far about our topic? What are you looking forward to?

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An Interview with Primrose Everdeen…

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This half term in Y5 our literacy focus is to write a high quality newspaper article reporting about the Hunger Games, we’re focusing on the beginning of the Hunger Games story where Katniss volunteers as tribute to replace her 12 year old sister: Primrose Everdeen. This morning in literacy we switched place with Primrose and tired to see things from her point of view, we took it in turns to hot seat and interview one another as Primrose.

We came up with lots of questions which an interviewer might ask Primrose during an exclusive but in the end we narrowed it down to these three:
– What is your opinion of the Hunger Games?
– How did you feel when your name was picked and you were chosen as the female tribute to represent District 12 in the Hunger Games?
– Do you think Katniss volunteered as tribute for your sake or for the sake of your mothers?

What do you think? If you were Primrose Everdeen how might you answer these questions?

Mr T





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Which political party would you vote for?

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After the visit of Stephanie Peacock, our local MP, the children in Y5 have been split into 8 groups and will be starting their own political party.

Today they were thinking about a name, logo, slogan and 4 main manifesto pledges.

I am so impressed with how they are working together in their groups, assigning each other jobs and prioritising workload. I am really looking forward to seeing this develop over the next few weeks before we hold the political hustings just before half term.

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