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Our Stop Motion Studios… /

So, this term we have been working hard to create our very own stop motion studio set designs. We’ve been keeping our work under wraps before the big reveal but we simply can’t resist sharing this video with you. Last week we were working on painting and adding detail to our landscapes. We learnt how to mix specific tones of paint and what methods were most effective for certain outcomes. In the end we found that the dry brushing technique proved to be the most effective way of adding depth and detail to our rock formations. Check out this quick time lapse of one groups work in an afternoon.

We hope you’re looking forward to the reveal of our work as much as we’re looking forward to sharing it with you!

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Anti Bullying Week /

This week marked the beginning of Anti Bullying week at HCPS. The Y5’s had a fab discussion this morning about bullying, we discussed what we thought bullying was, the difference between bullying and falling out, who to go if we ever have any issues and we also talked about some strategies we could use to solve arguments and small falling outs among friends 🙂

What did you think about our discussion today? Did you learn anything new?

We also had some time to reflect and use our inference skills to figure out the story behind an Anti Bullying video Mr T’s class made a few years ago.


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Local government democracy in action! /

Today we visited the Town Hall to meet the Mayor of Barnsley.

We grilled him in the Council Chamber and found out lots about democracy in local government.

Councillor Ennis was a great host and all the children got a chance to ask him a question just like at a full council meeting.

Have you got any questions we may now be able to answer after our visit?

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Mr T-Rex’s Travels… /

Now then Class 10, it looks like our resident traveller Mr T-Rex has been off on his jollies again – this time with Molly! Lets hope Molly has taken plenty of photos of him for us to add to our display!

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Y6 Thornbridge Residential /

Check out this montage of videos taken of the Y6’s throughout the course of this week on residential at Thornbridge Outdoors. To watch the video in its best quality press the HD button at the bottom of the media bar.


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This weeks Maths homework tutorial /

If you’ve looked at the example on your homework and are still struggling to remember the method of how to solve ordering fractions with different denominators take a look at this video 🙂 Remember, if you’re struggling, come find me.

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This weeks division homework… /

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    • 12 October, 2017
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Need a quick refresher on how to solve your division homework? Take a look at this video to refresh your memory! 🙂 Make sure you’re work is handed in on time: 17/10/17

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