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An Interview with Joann Fletcher /

  • Posted on

    • 11 January, 2018
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Live Blog An Interview with Joann Fletcher

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Who will the fingerprints lead to? /

  • Posted on

    • 23 September, 2015
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Today in Class 11 we have been studying dermatoglyphics – the examination of fingerprints. We have been collecting, recording and analysing the unique features in each others fingerprints. We have also managed to dust some prints of off a piece of evidence and we’re now looking to collect the fingerprints of all the suspects in an attempt to narrow down the list.

Who do you think it will turn out to be? What have you learnt from doing this? What have you enjoyed the most?

IMG_0271 IMG_0308 IMG_0253 IMG_0250 IMG_0248 IMG_0269 IMG_0267 IMG_0260 IMG_0259 IMG_0256 IMG_0254

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Suspect list… /

  • Posted on

    • 17 September, 2015
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After spending the afternoon discussing how we think the murder may have unfolded, we have began to put together a suspect list. Before we can begin interviewing our potential suspects we needed to think about why we think they might be guilty and what evidence we have to suggest this… Check out our work so far. Stay tuned to find out how our interviews go!


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Latest developments in the Murder Mystery… /

This afternoon we have been taking another look at the evidence that we collected from the crime scene on the decking. After compiling the evidence we spent some time discussing what we believed may have happened and how the murder might have unfolded… From this, we began to create our suspect list, using the evidence to guide our investigation.

We have come up with our final line-up, some of us believe that these suspects may have acted alone, others believe they worked as part of a team, but the question is, what do you think?!

Who do you think looks the most likely to have committed the crime?

Mr Tallant?


Miss Griffin?


Mr Hastey Junior?


Mr Hackney?


Miss Davies?


Some people believe that the murderers might have worked in a team, what do you think about how these teams look?






Who do you think committed the murder? Why do you think it was them? Will the Y5/6 team ever get to the bottom of this mystery?!


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Murder Mystery in Y5/6 /

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    • 7 September, 2015
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Have you heard about what has happened? Last Wednesday we were informed that there had been a murder on the school premises! Can you believe it? It is thought that the crime scene was discovered during the summer holidays! After the crime scene had been cleared by the Police we were allowed to go and investigate for ourselves, we got together in CSI teams and tried to collect as much evidence as possible! Here is what we found…

Murder Note Murder Weapon IMG_0008 Finger Prints Cup Crime Scene

Are you ready to re-examine the crime scene tomorrow? Do you think we might find more evidence now that we have learnt how expert Crime Scene Investigators examine a crime scene? Have you had any more thoughts on what might have happened? Who could have possibly committed the murder?



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