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Field Survey! /

Year 4 are doing an amazing job of approaching the general public here in Sheffield. We have had fantastic feedback from the participants about the children’s polite manner and approach to the task. We are very proud of all of them!




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Apostrophes /

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    • 14 September, 2018
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I have been out walking with my daughter today and along the way, I have spotted some very poor punctuation/lack of punctuation. Can you spot the mistakes?

Can you spot any signs, whilst you’re out and about this weekend, that have used apostrophes incorrectly?

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Photographers in the making… /

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    • 12 September, 2018
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Year 4 have had a wonderful day visiting the beautiful, picturesque attraction of Langsett. As part of our topic focus, to raise the profile of Yorkshire attractions, class 10 developed their photography skills using the iPads in and around school. Today, they were able to put these skills into practise, and didn’t they do an AMAZING job! Here are a select few from the children… keep an eye out for details of our up and coming ‘Proud to be Yorkshire’ blogs to see more!













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We’ve arrived! /

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    • 12 September, 2018
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We’ve arrived and are now lunching at the North America look out point at the top. We’re having a great time and are applying our photography skills well to capture the amazing scenery!







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What’s happening in Yorkshire? /

Yesterday afternoon, Year 4 received a visit from Councillor Andrews who broke the devastating news that the government are proposing to close several attractions across the Yorkshire region due to drops in tourism and funding. We looked at how this decision would affect different groups in our society including adults, children, businesses and the council.

Councillor Andrews needs our help… he want us, the young generation of Yorkshire, to reach out to the public and campaign to keep these attractions open in the future!

How do you think it would affect the groups that we discussed?
What ideas can you put forward to prevent this from happening?
What is the best way to campaign this message to the wider world?


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challenge quote

Hope you have all had a great summer, we’re looking forward to teaching you and seeing what the new year brings.

Last year, we challenged ourselves by completing a Tough Mudder event, supporting each other through the 27 obstacles and pushing ourselves to finish the gruelling 12 mile course. It wasn’t always easy but with hard work, determination and resilience we achieved our goal!

How are you going to challenge yourself this year?


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Come on England! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 /

I’ve just had a quick look through your score predictions!

The general feeling is that England are going to win 2-1! Really looking forward to seeing if we can do it!

Treats on me tomorrow if anyone can predict the score/goal scorer!

Enjoy the match guys!

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It’s Coming Home…. /

Well this morning’s 30 minute literacy skills turned into a whole hour and a half Literacy session!

We all knew the words to the famous ‘3 Lions’ song but did we know what it all meant? It turns out we didn’t!

We looked at the lyrics and sang the song. We then unpicked the song words and researched parts that we were unsure about.



Have a listen to our singing!



My favourite comment from today was – ‘this is great, we aren’t doing any literacy today!’


What else did you find out from your research?

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Transition day 2 and 3! /

Well it’s been a warm 3 days in class 9. But there has been no shortage of art skills on show, as well as literacy, maths and geography skills too!

These 3 day have made me so excited for September. I have LOVED having you in my class this week. You are all lovely and I can’t wait for the first week back after the summer.




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Transition Day 1 – Orienteering /

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    • 4 July, 2018
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This morning we have been getting to know each other – even though I think I know nearly all of you pretty well!


We have been outside enjoying the sunshine and using our map reading skills to find the questions attached the posts.


What have you found out about your new friends today? Have you remembered any fun facts about your class?


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