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Strange happenings at HCPS /

Today we heard of strange happenings around the Hoyland Area.  Patches of burnt grass have been found and piles of smouldering leaves.  No one knows the cause or who is responsible!  We have been given the task of finding out what is happening and solving the mystery of the scorched grass.

Image result for smouldering leaves

We found a pile of smouldering leaves in the school playground and decided to write questions that would help us solve the puzzle.  What questions would you ask?  Remember closed questions will get you a yes or no answer, open questions will get you lots of information.

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Happy new year! /

Hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed the break. Here’s something for you to think about before we start back at school on Monday.

What were you really successful at last year?  What new skills did you learn?  Was learning always easy or did you need to be resilient?



What would you like to get better at this year? What can you do to make this happen?

We will be talking about our aspirations for 2018 and how we can achieve them. Have you already got ideas?  If so blog them below.

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Countdown to a caring Christmas /


This year we have a special advent calendar. Everyone has a special message in one of the pockets. We are thinking about how we can help people in the busy days before Christmas. Each day someone will receive a special task to do. When you have completed your task please blog about what you did. You could even upload a photo too.

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Christingle 2017 /

We had a wonderful time this morning taking part in the Christingle service at Tankersley church. The children joined in with Christmas carols, talked about the symbols of the Christingle they have made and enjoyed the cold, crisp walk to and from the church back to school! Can you remember the symbolic meaning of the different parts of the Christingle? Could you tell someone how to make a Christingle?





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Editing session! /

Today in year 2 we had a go at editing and writing up a piece of our literacy work based around the story ‘Mr Stink’.

We looked at improving our punctuation, choosing more adventurous vocabulary and extending our story ideas. We all worked very hard and can not wait to share our stories with other children in school!






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KS1 Harvest Festival /

Thank you for all your Food Bank donations they will be much appreciated. It was lovely to see so many parents, grandparents and local residents who came to listen to the children today. We hope you enjoyed it.

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Yorkshire Sculpture Park /

Today we visited the sculpture park. We had an amazing time walking around and looking at the sculptures. We saw work by Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. We talked about the textures we saw and how the sculptors used space and shape in their work. Next week we will be creating our own clay sculptures using some of the ideas we have seen today. 



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