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Hello class 8,

Your SPELLING SHED word lists for this week are now available on your individual portals. You can access spelling shed via this link: https://play.spellingshed.com/#/login

OR by typing Spelling Shed in to Google. (Your Login details are stuck in your homework diaries)

When you log in, you will need to practice the spellings at least 7 times. After this, you will then be given automatic access to the games!

Spellings will be revisited on Friday 16th November, 2018.

I look forward to following your progress on the app!

Mrs Burkill 🙂

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This week we have been working on a NEW type of creature! The scientists at the Museum of London have been thinking about how they can reintroduce dinosaurs to our planet. They have dinosaur DNA but this will need to be merged with an existing animal. They have tasked us with finding the most appropriate animal. We have to send our new hybrid reports off to London for the scientists to look at.



Over the weekend we would like you to gather some facts about your TWO chosen creatures. These will then be used within your report.

Remember you have FOUR SUBHEADINGS.

  • Appearance (What your beast will look like?)
  • Diet (What you beast will eat?)
  • Habitat (Where your beast can be found?)
  • Fun Facts (Any interesting facts about your creature)


How many facts can you find about your chosen animals?

We look forward to you teaching us something new on Monday!




Mrs Burkill


Here are some of our fantastic HYBRIDS in the making…

IMG_0444 IMG_0445 IMG_0446 IMG_0447 IMG_0448 IMG_0449 IMG_0450 IMG_0451 IMG_0452 IMG_0453 IMG_0454

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WELCOME to DinoLand

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I was so impressed with everyone’s homework over the holidays! Everyone has a had a go at something, whether it has been blogging, spelling shed or the picture comprehension! Well done 👍🏻

I was particularly impressed with these pieces that came in this morning! There were some extra (optional) tasks with the picture comprehension homework, one being to create a new theme park based around Dinosaurs… you have blown me away!

Take a look…

D6C46833-0FEA-4495-86D3-922DE6EBFEEB 142FA1F3-B014-4F62-B7A4-73B50AF9335E 33F35962-57D5-4801-8F89-04F0D33A1B24 0402F78B-1D71-462F-B8AF-62587188B480

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Half Term Photo Challenge

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Well done during Assessment Week Year 3. Here is a fun little photo challenge for you to have a go at during the holidays!

We would love to see the pictures you take on the blog! There is no need to print photos and bring them in. We know it’s an ‘October Challenge’ but please just take the photos when you like.🙂

Happy half term!

Happy October/ November!

OCTOBER Photo a Day

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Things they are a changing…

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It definitely feels like Autumn today, even though in Britain, the Autumn equinox officially started on the 23rd September, I think Autumn is beginning to raise her head a little higher! 🍁🍂 Here are some of the reasons I lLOVE Autumn 🧡



What do you love about Autumn? What are you looking forward to this season?

Mrs Burkill 🍂

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Yesterday, class 7 & 8 joined forces and we all ventured out to prepare for our Stone Age fashion show.

We know the Stone Age people were hunter gatherers and were incredibly resourceful. So, we wanted to gather some resources of our own and re invent Stone Age fashion! So here is it’s- A/W collection 2018

What did you enjoy about the afternoon? What would you do differently?

0DA59BDC-8127-4510-A2AD-B3417C5E0FB8 D28F0640-E061-4D68-AE56-C3E95BED8C6A A3CCA9AD-1925-4F52-88AE-41186302EDD8 9103EA2B-202E-4A56-8B55-01B228897DD3 83026449-5E49-4659-8F94-AC4199A2CF62 0FF2E2FD-A724-4A08-ACD6-977CE3C29C66 194C4E30-81A5-429C-BA8E-55FBA68CCCB3 E47DC834-F50C-43F6-A0E0-55B12FA3F6FF F56D764F-99FC-48CC-87D9-A59826753AA7

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Should Animals Be Treated The Same As Humans?

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In our community circles this week, we were posed with the question: Should animals be treated the same as humans?

We spent the whole 20 minutes of the assembly stood up in just a small amount of space. This was so we could think about animals that may be kept in these circumstances.

How did you feel about being treated this way?

Do you think animals should have the same rights as humans?

What are your reasons?


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WOW! We have gathered some amazing insight and vocabulary for our Literacy topic from our trip today! We were all excited on seeing the cave, as I don’t think we were expecting it be so big! We were able to go deep inside the cave and think about what we could see, what we could hear, what we could smell and we could feel. This will really help us when we write our cave description later in the week.

What can you remember about the trip? Can you link it to any of your senses, ready for Literacy?

IMG_9735 IMG_9728 IMG_9712 IMG_9697 IMG_9695 IMG_9693 IMG_9690 IMG_9688  IMG_5296 IMG_5299 IMG_5427 IMG_5432




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As the Summer holidays draw to a close, I’d love to know what you have been up to!

Have you been enjoying the sun? Have you made tons of memories? Have you explored anything new?

I look forward to seeing you all bright and early next week to start a fantastic new school year!

What are you looking forward to most?

Mrs Burkill

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