Pokemon Crazy!

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Our Gather, Skills, Apply board is looking amazing in class 5. We are really excited about writing about the Pokémon we have created. We have used string on our working wall to link up our lessons and help us remember what skills we can use in our writing! Gather skills apply

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Stage 1 complete!

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Today we completed stage one of our Roman shields. The classroom had a lovely atmosphere… there was great teamwork, great fun and everyone enjoyed an afternoon of ‘messy’ learning! Every child had a look of happiness or concentration on their faces! What is the next stage Class 10?



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The opponents… Legio X

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Well done Class 10! Another wonderful week linked to our current topic ‘Revolting Romans!’ You have all produced a fantastic design for a Roman shield based on the symbolic images they held.

Today was decision day, where we all voted for our favourite designs. Our books stayed out in the corridor throughout the afternoon to allow other members of staff and children to get involved… even Mr Fallon cast his vote!




We will now look at the top four designs shown below, identifying similarities and common themes and then refine our class legion design. We can’t wait to see the end result!




Over the weekend, your homework is to begin thinking of a legion name for our class, please post ideas on this blog if you wish!

In preparation for making our life size shield, we have each made our own prototype which is scaled 1:10 to our end creation. Can you describe the process we have carried out? How did we make the ‘boss’ section in the centre?




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This week in Year 3 we have been studying Hinduism during RE week.

We have spent time learning about who founded HInduism and where it was founded.

We are beginning to understand the main beliefs and know where Hindus worship.

Today we spent time listening to traditional music and even tried some beautiful Indian food!

What have you enjoyed most about RE week and why?

Did you try any food that you have never eaten before?  Did you like it?

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Living the life of a Roman!

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Behind this formation stands the amazing children of Class 10 who ‘are a credit to us and our school!’
Every child participated, had fun and have learned about life back in Roman times. We are so proud of each and every one of you! See more of our journey from the day on the Seesaw Family app!

What did you enjoy about the trip today Class 10? Can you share a new fact?

Thank you again! You have been wonderful!

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How the other half lived…

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Today our emperors and gladiator slaves swapped roles to experience how the others lived. The emperors were served fresh, crusty bread and olives whilst they worked aswell as enjoying a few minutes extra play. The gladiator slaves served the food and had a go at making traditional Roman games with sticks and stones. Which role did you prefer and why? Can you find and share any further research on these groups of people from Roman times?












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