Christmas Calendar Challenge WINNER! 🌟

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Wow! It was extremely hard to choose a winner for the calendar challenge set over Christmas. The children that entered all created some fantastic designs. It was nice to see how different some were too! Not any one design looked the same.

I have decided to have two winners, as I couldn’t choose between them and one runner up!

The WINNERS are:

Alfie Crossley- for your lovely use of materials and showing the four seasons using the life journey of a tree throughout the year.

Olivia Brant- for your ‘outside the box’ thinking.  Your lovely use of a photo collage with memories from previous years was a beautiful idea.


I will be in next week to present your prize and 25 housepoints.


Mikey Gregory- your beautiful collage uses many materials and many seasonal ideas! It’s extremely eye catching!


I will be in next week to present you with your 15 housepoints.

Thank you to everyone who entered their calendar, I hope you enjoyed making them as much as I enjoyed seeing them. I have made sure that all posts were approved before making the decision and apologise in advance if anyone had trouble uploading their image!

Enjoy your weekend Class 8. I’ll see you at some point next week 😁

Mrs Burkill

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Alfie on 12 January, 2019

Wow! Thank you Mrs Burkill 🤗 My Mam and Dad are very proud of me. I enjoyed doing the calendar challenge. See you next week Mrs Burkill

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