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January 2021 Lockdown:

HCPS Covid January Lockdown Risk Assessment

September 2020 full reopening:

The updated risk assessment for September 2020 can be found here

September reopening letter

New rules and routines information for September 2020. please click here

Adapted entrance and exit information can be found here.

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Early years opening information

Reconnecting with the curriculum

Covid Funding:

The SIP and COVID recovery fund are an integral part of that continued improvement journey. It is essential that the both the GAG and COVID funding is used in combination to meet the identified needs of the school and one is not a bolt on to the other. The school improvement plan identifies where covid funding it directly linked to the school improvement priorities and what the associated costs are.

HCPS SIP 2020-21


June 2020 initial opening:

Please click here: HCPS Covid June Return Risk Assessment (1) to view the Covid-19 Return to School risk assessment for Hoyland Common Primary School.

Please click here: HCPS Group Entrances to School to see the entrances which will be used by each group of children.

Please click here: Routines and behaviours for children to see the new Rules & Routines for children at HCPS following school reopening. This will be shared with the children on Monday 1st June as part of a class assembly.

Please click here: Routines and Rules for HCPS to see the new Rules & Routines for parents at HCPS following school reopening.