Daniel on 24 March, 2017

This was the most weird but fun thing ever I did not know that science can be so weird but the smell of the viniger and the soda was horrid, ewww!!!

Ryan F on 25 March, 2017

I reallly enjoyed doing the science experiments because we made lots of different types of creations like a gas made out of vinegar and soda which made the the gas rise up to the balloon and inflate it. Also I really liked doing the water and other solids to try and let the water flow through into the funnel , letting the solids get stuck in the materials, we had several different materials like kitchen roll,filter paper,circle filter paper,cloth,newspaper,cotton wool and a cive. I really liked the coffee and water because you couldn’t tell if it would flow through or get stuck in the funnel.

Massie L-W on 27 March, 2017

This was a science experiment where we took white vinegar and some bicarbonate-of-soda in a balloon and shook them up to create what we described as a chemical reaction, the gases would rise and create air in the balloon, we knew when our experiments were done as the balloon had flattened as the chemicals had mixed and there was no gas to produce. The experiment lasted around 5 minutes. I really enjoyed this as it was a really different experiment to what we usually do exploring gases.

Billy on 29 March, 2017

I really enjoyed this experiment because what happened was really unexpected. When we put the powder and the vinegar together put it in a balloon and put the balloon on an empty bottle. Then when we shared it up it filled up the ballon and that effect is called a chemical reaction.

Lydia on 1 April, 2017

I really enjoyed learning about this subject because i never knew that a gas and solid which makes it a gas! 🙂 Jacob took the balloon off of the bottle and a bit of vinegar splashed on us 🙂
I would like to learn a lot more about the gases, liquids and solids and what solids are soluble or insoluble and what can be used to make a gas and what can not! 🙂
Next time i dont want to be covered in vinegar though that’s the only thing i didn’t like! 🙂

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