Friday June 9th 2017 Let’s Get Active

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‘Let’s Get Active’ was really well organised and enjoyed by all the children in school. It was great to see the children being given the opportunity to practice both individual sports skills and take part in team building activities too. The range of activities included Harry Potter Yoga, Zumba, hockey, football, golf and many more. Staff were all involved and where-ever you looked there were smiling, happy faces!

Margaret Marsh


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callumeyre on 13 June, 2017

lets get active is probably the best thing I have done because you get to do 5 activities and also a workshop but the best part is you get to choose 5 activities and every year you always get to do at least 2 of them and last year I only got to do 2 but this year I got to do all 5 and the workshop is fun to because it helps you stay on a balanced diet and then we made fruit animals but I wanted to make fruit skewers but I had to make fruit animals

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