Geography Week!

By 11

This week is our whole school Geography Week, where each year group is researching a particular country which is taking part in the Cricket World Cup 2019.

During our assembly, each year group were given their chosen country for the week where we then began to discuss what they would like to find out about their countries. Some of us were interested in the lifestyle of people within this country, the language that they speak, the climate and some of us just wanted to know where the country is!

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC time researching your country and make sure you comment below what you have found out!



gracie on 18 June, 2019

i learnt that bangladesh has one of the world largest rivers

Kirah on 21 June, 2019

I learnt that bangladesh speak bengali or Assanese also they use bangladeshi taka as money -Kirah Hodson-

euan on 21 June, 2019

I learnt in geography week that bangladesh eat fish curry

chloe on 21 June, 2019

there most favourite food is rice

Ruby on 21 June, 2019

I leant that bangladesh has six seasons not four like us

francesca on 21 June, 2019

i enjoyed doing geography in year five because i loved learning about the food and the capital city whitch is dhaka we learnt that there is 700 major rivers in bangladesh we realy enjoyed making the japaties

francesca and harry

Rory on 21 June, 2019

This week i learnt that Bangladesh is a small country with lots of people there (to be exact 165550 Million)

Blake and Evie on 21 June, 2019

I learnt that Bangladesh 🇧🇩 is in South Asia and that Bangladeshis eat a lot of curry and if you are Vegetarian you eat only potatoes 🥔 instead of any meat. 🥩 by Blake and Evie

Chaz and theo on 21 June, 2019

I really enjoyed making the keynote that i made i liked learning about bangladesh i found out that the capital of bangladesh Dhaka and i liked the food that we made the food was a little salty but i enjoyed it Theo and Chaz.

Ava&Daniel on 21 June, 2019

We had a very interesting week and learnt lots of knew stuff. We learnt how to make chapati and tasted one of their country’s dishes. We also learnt about culture and religion and a few other subjects around bangladesh!

keira and renee on 21 June, 2019

loved making the chapta it did not tasted nice to me

i love making the chapta but it tasted nice

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