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Thank you and well done to all of the KS2 pupils that represented their house teams in the first HCPS timestables tournament.

Other than a few minor teething problems it was a very successful event.

Without any further ado, the scores are in. The positions are…

1st – Fitzwilliam – 151

2nd – Wentworth – 141

3rd – Strafford – 127

4th – Rockingham – 125

Each house will receive an equivalent amount of house points to their scores. While all participants will be receiving a certificate for taking part.

We hope to be running more intra-house tournaments in the future, as well as some inter-school events.

Keep on practicing and ensure you’ve set your fastest studio time to be in with a chance of taking part.


Mrs Bramall
Mrs Bramall on 20 April, 2018

This was fantastic today! There was a real buzz in assembly and all the players did extremely well! Also a huge well done to one of our year 2 pupils who stepped in to play for his house in the year 3 tournament at the last minute!

Erin on 29 April, 2018

I really enjoyed the ttrockstars tournament because I got to take part and represent my house Wentworth and well done to everybody else that took part.

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