Let’s build

By 6

Year 6 have been designing, measuring, sawing and assembling lots of resources to add to our outdoor learning environment.

What did your group create?

Were there any difficulties?

How must you use a saw safely?

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Alexander on 15 December, 2018

This week was great! I enjoyed cutting the wood, but I did prefer going out on the decking and doing outdoor activities. I’m looking forward to what we’re doing next.

Amy on 15 December, 2018

This week we have being building and designing different types of homes for wild life houses so like bug hotels ,hedgehog huts and lots more my group have being creating a bird house so we have being marking wood ,sawing wood and sand papering it all down but there is a correct way to use a saw so you have to have the saw at a forty five degree angle and keap it straight .We still have a lot to do so I look forwards to finishing it all of.

Carla on 16 December, 2018

I really enjoy working with my group to build a bee hotel, I learnt how to use a saw properly as well.

Kacey on 16 December, 2018

I really enjoyed building and designing the hedgehog homes even though I did not really get to do my favourite part sawing all of the wood but the most important bit was that we was working as a team.

kara on 19 December, 2018

ive been really enjoying this topic building sawing and using team work to achieve our task.

James on 6 January, 2019

This week was very fun I’m glad that our group got to finish the design and ours turned out to be pretty good but I really appreciate the time that the staff spent on planning these lessons for us so thank you to the staff and all the other designs were super good I was really impressed with all of us well done year 6. I can’t wait to see what our next topic is thank you staff.

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