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    • 21 September, 2017
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We have been looking at the work of the artist Arcimboldo, he used natural materials to create his portraits. We have been exploring the schools woodland area and collecting leaves, twigs, cookers and pine cones to use in our own art work  what do you think?


IMG_1970 IMG_1982 IMG_1989


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    • YSP
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    • 22 September, 2017

Hi Year 2 thank you for your letters. We’re looking forward to your visit. We’ve been looking at your art work and we really like how you’ve used natural materials to create faces. Keep sharing your work.

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    • Lilly
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    • 25 September, 2017

I have been inspired by Arcinininboldo .I made a face out of lots of nautrul pieses I found lying on the ground in the twigy, leafy, netly woods.I used smooth,soft feathers for hair,i used spiky conker shells for a nose,i used brown conkers for eyes and moth.I used a oringe piese of card for the skin.I rely enjoyd makeing the face.

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    • Andrew
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    • 25 September, 2017

I think everybody did really well with their spectacular fascinating piece of art work!
I used a spiny pine cone for the nose then for the eyes I used smooth conkers.
I really enjoyed doing it.
Ava Bee

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