Winning Raffle Numbers /

1. £25 Meal Voucher for the Keys – WHITE 112
2. Round of Golf at Waterfront Golf Club – GREEN 32
3. Coffee and Cake for 2 at Savile Square – WHITE 107
4. 2x Playmania Passes – YELLOW 413
5. 2x Free Football Party Places – GREEN 75
6. 1x Free Place at Football Camp – GREEN 219
7. Spa Hamper – WHITE 47
8. Chocolate Hamper – BLUE 88
9. Biscuit Hamper – WHITE 310
10. Soap and Glory Hamper – YELLOW 3
11. Spa Hamper – BLUE 327
12. Bath / Relaxation Hamper – BLUE 235
13. Bath / Relaxation Hamper – GREEN 155
14. Chilli Hamper – GREEN 50
15. Bath / Relaxation Hamper – YELLOW 414
16. Wine Hamper – WHITE 180
17. Wine Hamper – WHITE 72
18. Kids Craft Hamper – GREEN 157
19. Kids Bath Hamper – WHITE 25
20. Pink and White Hamper – YELLOW 465
21. Bath / Relaxation Hamper – WHITE 190
22. Remote Control Helicopter – YELLOW 284
23. Royal Jelly Set – YELLOW 88
24. Tea Time Gift Set – YELLOW 38
25. Shower Gift Set – WHITE 285
26. Emoji Bag – YELLOW 485
27. Chocolates – BLUE 251
28. Wine – WHITE 75
29. Doll – GREEN 197
30. Bayliss and Harding Gift Set – GREEN 185
31. Red Wine – WHITE 269
32. Avon Aftershave – YELLOW 104

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Cake Sale /

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    • 10 June, 2018
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To enable us to raise funds to purchase necessary equipment and materials for our ground force project, we plan to have a cake sale on Tuesday 12th June in the Playground after school. If you could send your child with any cake and bun donations that would be fantastic.

Thank you!

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Ground Force Project /

Foundation Stage Outdoor Ground Force Day – Saturday 16th June

Dear Parents and Carers,

This term, our Foundation Stage Unit, led by Mrs Paddock, will come together on Saturday 16th June from 9:00am-12:00pm to enhance the Foundation Stage Outdoor area.

To enable us to raise funds to purchase necessary equipment and materials, we plan to have a cake sale on Tuesday 12th June in the Playground after school. If you could send your child with any cake and bun donations that would be fantastic but most importantly we rely on the generosity of volunteers offering their time to make the day a success.

The Ground Force Day will be a great chance to roll your sleeves up and help with some practical tasks focussed on improving an area within the outdoor play area. It will be very sociable, no special DIY skills are required (although if you do have an area of expertise, feel free to declare it so that we can plan the division of tasks accordingly!) and the more the merrier so we hope to see a great turn out of parents and staff!

If you plan to attend, please drop an email to to help us plan an efficient use of the workforce! Alternatively if you are unable to attend, please see the list of materials below that you may be able to donate to the cause.

To make the session as effective and efficient as possible, we are asking all volunteers to please bring a garden fork, a spade, some gardening gloves and wellies. With enough helpers, we hope to have the job completed before midday.
Best wishes,
The Ground Force Team

Wanted items;

Cable reels,
Artificial grass,
Outdoor paint,
Paint brushes,
Fence stain,
Lengths of ribbon,
Jet wash,
CDs (to hang from trees, not play!)

Any other ideas please email to share!

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Tough Mudder /

This team of amazing people have achieved so much today, not just for themselves but the sponsorship for McMillan cancer charity as well! Well done everyone and thank you for your sponsors.

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Nordic Skiing Challenge /

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    • 22 April, 2018
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As a school, we would like to congratulate one of our parents for recently completing the Yllas-Levi Ski Marathon, a gruelling 55km Nordic skiing challenge.
Mr Conner is a veteran of the Parachute Regiment who was seriously injured during active service and sadly had to retire. Mr Conner is coming in to school in May to speak to some of our pupils about his experiences and overcoming adversity. His work as a public speaker also raises awareness of the fantastic charities that support veterans.
Mr Conner took part in the ski marathon in Finland with the Armed Forces Para-Snowsport Team (AFPST). This is a charitable organisation set up to support injured and sick veterans through positively challenging themselves and getting purpose back into their lives. He set up a Just Giving page prior to completing the marathon to raise some money for the charity. This is still open and if anyone feels able to make a donation, it would be gratefully received. The link to this is

Mr Conner appeared in last Friday’s Barnsley Chronicle and also in last week’s Halifax Courier (where he is originally from). If you would like to read the articles they can be accessed through the following links;

If you would like to know more about the Armed Forces Para-Snowsport Team and the work they do to support veterans, please visit
Well done Mr Conner!

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A huge Thank you for your support! /

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    • 16 March, 2018
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Thank you for the support and positive comments in relation to HCPS staff and parking restrictions outside of school. It is very much appreciated, however there are still a minority of parents still jeopardising the safety of pupils by parking illegally. Please lets work together to combat this.

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Friday 2nd March /

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    • 2 March, 2018
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Due to continuing adverse weather, particularly high winds and low temperatures, the decision has been made to remain closed today. The safety of pupils and staff is paramount. Thank you for your continuing support.

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Thursday 1st March /

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    • 1 March, 2018
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Due to continuing bad weather we have made the decision to remain closed today to ensure the safety of pupils and staff. Thank you for your continued support.

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Adverse Weather /

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    • 28 February, 2018
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We will be making a decision about School being open or closed tomorrow (Thursday 1st March) as soon as we can but this is dependent on weather across South Yorkshire. The decision will be made for the safety of pupils and staff. World Book Day celebrations have been postponed until next Wednesday when children are invited to come in their costumes.

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