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Wow what a busy 2 days, we have learnt so much about each other and are very excited about starting year 2!

All the activities we have done have been about us and our families. Mrs paddock has learnt so much, she knows Macie-Anne likes twirls, Bradley’s favourite colour is gold, Ewan’s nanny and grandad have 2 Morris minors, Erin’s favourite book is “a quiet night in” and Ellis likes watching F1 with his daddy! So much to remember 🙂







In maths we helped Farmer Pete find his sheep by pairing numbers together to make ten. We have talked about what we would to learn about next year, have you got any more ideas?

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Erin on 28 June, 2013

I liked sketching and I liked making the book. It was really good fun.
The pastels and the handprint were fun to do.
I can’t wait for September in my new class

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