Hoyland Common Fun Club is a chargeable childcare facility which is offered to all children attending Hoyland Common Primary School and the wider community.
All the Fun Club staff are qualified child carers.

The club will do its best to accommodate each individual parent’s needs. Bookings can be made for individual sessions, days, weeks, terms or for the full year and will be taken on a first come basis. We are extremely busy and have a waiting list for places and a child will not be added to the waiting list until a completed registration form is returned to the club. Invoices will be produced one month in advance for the whole month and you will be expected to pay your invoice in full within 30days from the date or your place will be suspended.
All places must be booked by a parent / carer and not a child.

Termtime sessions

7:00am drop off- £8.00

Drop off after 7:30am drop off- £7.00

After school sessions- £7.50

Holiday Club

We have holiday places but the club will only open for 3 weeks during the Summer holidays, the availability of this is depends on whether their is an appropriate intake of children.

Holiday Club

7:30am drop off-5:30pm pick up- £25.00 per day

9:00am drop off-5:00pm pick up- £20.00 per day

AM or PM session- £12.50 per day

For more information please contact school.

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