Should Easter Eggs be banned to encourage healthier lifestyles?

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This week in community circles we have been debating the controversial issue surrounding easter eggs vs healthy eating. Did you know there was this much sugar in just one crème egg…..?

creme egg


Caitlin on 2 April, 2019

some chocolate because they have to much sugar.

Hugh on 2 April, 2019

Some easter eggs should be ban because it could have a high amount of sugar like a cream egg from Hugh.

alana and mya on 2 April, 2019

We disagree and agree because crème eggs are sugary and some other chocolate eggs are too but some chocolate eggs are not very sugary.

erin on 2 April, 2019

easter eggs should be banned because it has too much sugar in them.There is too much sugar in them there is exactly 150 calories in cream eggs.

Ashleigh and Brax on 2 April, 2019

Ash and Brax- we should have a limit of how many easter eggs every year.Ash and Brax- There are lots of portions of sugar just in one easter egg. Ashleigh and Brax-We need a tiny bit of sugar but we can not have lots and lots of it. Ash and Brax-we should not band easter eggs because it would spoil easter and it would make us realy realy sad because we realy like easter eggs.Ash and Brax-Easter eggs shouldn’t be made of chocolate because it’s not the healthiest thing to eat.Ash and Brax-if you like cream eggs you should not eat them because they have the most sugar and the cream adds on to the sugar to what they have all ready they have put in.

lily on 2 April, 2019

no they are nice but only have one per ester and it spoils ester

katie on 2 April, 2019

Easter eggs shouldn’t be band because it will ruin Easter and spoil the fun because it’s fun to open them and cindof be band because how much sugar isant hygienic.BY KATIE

Thomas on 2 April, 2019

There are 6 tea spoons of sugar in cream eggs.

Maisie and Jessica on 2 April, 2019

I think yes because some people get 10 or more eggs and it will give people a healthier lifestyles. Maisie Taylor
I think no because the Easter Bunny will be sad by Jessica Melling

Noah and Toby on 2 April, 2019

Easter eggs shouldn’t be band because it would spoil Easter.
Easter eggs should be band because of how much sugar is in a Easter egg.By Noah and Toby.This is how much calories are in a creme egg 150 calories and this is how much sugar is in a creme egg 6 tea spoons.

mikey on 2 April, 2019

because it has way to much sugers.

Bobby on 2 April, 2019

You should limit how many easter eggs you get evrey easter because choclate is not helthy for you.

daisy on 2 April, 2019

no because they are bad for your health but don’t sel as many and take some out.

leo on 2 April, 2019

I want to keep them because they are tasty.

daisy on 2 April, 2019

They shouldn’t sell as many Easter eggs for the good of our health.

Nancy on 2 April, 2019

because chocolate is unhealthy and disgusting.

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