Homework celebration

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Our Brain Booster for over the weekend was to choose a way of retelling the story of “The Dragon of Wantley”. We are amazed by the efforts children have made with this task, we have had story maps, pictures, re-written stories and even a video post on a blog!

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We love how creative you have all been and our “Homework wall of fame” is bursting with fantastic examples. Well done 🙂


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An exciting adventure…

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We are very excited to start Arts Week and the week long journey to new skills and exciting opportunities. To start us off we would like to use look closely at these photos.


This dragon was discovered while we were out exploring. Can you tell us about him? Where does he live? What is he on the look out for? How does he move?


Remember this blog is a showcase for your work, proof read your comment before submitting it to make sure it is the best quality it can be 🙂

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