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An exciting adventure… /

We are very excited to start Arts Week and the week long journey to new skills and exciting opportunities. To start us off we would like to use look closely at these photos. This dragon was discovered while we were out exploring. Can you tell us about him? Where does he live? What is he on the look out for? How does he move? Remember this blog is a showcase

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Up for a challenge /

Wow, we can not quite get over getting a comment from the real Wallace and Gromit! They asked us to design an advert for their Bread-o-matic which is perfect because we have learnt all about persuading people when we looked at The Shirt Machine. We were set free to create an advert using anything we wanted. Some of us chose to draw posters, some used iPads to record a voice

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Rising to the occasion /

  This week we have been working on a secret mission for Wallace and Gromit! We were sent a letter asking us to help them with their latest creation! The Bread-o-matic is top secret and we have been lucky to play an important part in it’s creation. We have learnt about how bread is made on a industrial scale and then used our knowledge to help us write an explanation

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